Pumpkin spice latte: an orange (and spicy) wave is sweeping the world of beauty

Pumpkin spice latte: an orange (and spicy) wave is sweeping the world of beauty

It’s impossible to miss the trend… Not content with delighting gourmands, the famous autumnal drink is rising to the top of beauty inspirations this year. Makeup, hair coloring, manicure, or even spa and massages: content creators, like users and cosmetics enthusiasts, no longer swear by aesthetics inspired by the legendary pumpkin latte.

But what is happening in the world of beauty? You just have to scroll through social networks, and particularly on TikTok, to see that the latest beauty trends have all, or almost all, been inspired by the drinks of the moment, from latte makeup to matcha latte nails to cherry cola lips, martini makeup, or even syrup nails. The phenomenon has continued to grow over the last few months to reach its peak with the fall drink par excellence, the pumpkin spice latte, which has now established itself as the hot trend of the season.

If today there are a multitude of pumpkin spice latte recipes to try at home, it is Starbucks that is responsible for the success of this hot drink made with seasonal ingredients. Popular across the Atlantic, the elixir is made up of coffee, semi-skimmed milk, mousse or whipped cream, and pumpkin spice syrup – namely cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves. , and pumpkin puree. But if these ingredients contribute to the reputation of the drink, which to date has no less than 500 million views on TikTok, it is its orange and coppery nuances that have won the hearts of cosmetics fans.

Seasonal makeup

Before the inspiration spread to (many) other areas, it was beauty treatments that first benefited from the success of the pumpkin spice latte. And for good reason, users of the Chinese social network have multiplied their makeup looks influenced by the iconic drink since October, in perfect harmony with the colors of the season. Orange, brown, copper or golden shades, and other warm tones are there to reproduce colors evoking changes in nature – and of course pumpkins. Shades that are enjoying growing success on the Asian platform, with no less than 5.7 million views for the hashtag #pumpkinspicelattemakeup and nearly 22 million for #pumpkinspicemakeup.

@meredithduxbury GRWM pumpkin spice makeup 🧡 @Armani beauty @sephora #PumpkinSpiceMakeup #armanibeauty #LuminousSilk #ArmaniBeautyPartner ♬ original sound – Meredith Duxbury

And of course, beauty players, makeup brands in the lead, have in turn ridden the trend with a myriad of products entirely dedicated to pumpkin spice makeup. A real phenomenon which has not escaped the notice of informed social users who do not fail to take photos of themselves with their favorite drink. And the trend has spread like wildfire in the world of beauty, to the point of finding a place of choice in manicures and fall coloring.

Flaming hair

Fans of natural makeup, if pumpkin spice makeup is not your cup of tea, don’t panic, you can definitely opt for pumpkin spice hair, hair coloring inspired by the famous drink. Because yes, the spicy latte from the American chain has also established itself in hair salons with a sublime dark red color. Flamboyant hair which, again, blends perfectly into the autumnal decor, and which, although less popular than its makeup version, has more and more followers on social networks. On TikTok, the hashtag #pumpkinspicehair currently has 4 million views.

@hairby_chrissy The miat GORGEOUS red head 😍 @Julia wearing #habithiddenextensions & @Habithairx in Pumpkin Spice & Marmalade // habithairx.com #hairby_chrissy #hairextensions #redhead #redhair #azhairsalon #orangecountyhairstylist ♬ Barbie World (with Aqua) (From Barbie The Album) – Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice & Aqua

And the same is true when it comes to manicures. The orange and coppery nuances of the pumpkin spice latte permeate the fingertips, or should we say the nails, with a multitude of possible variations. Glittery copper brown, orange ombré, revisited French manicure or nail art decorated with pumpkins are rising to the top of fall’s key trends. For its part, the hashtag #pumpkinspicenails flirts with 220,000 views (more than 23 million for #pumpkinnails). Enough to strengthen the popularity of the essential autumn drink, which is also – incidentally – riding on this success.

@thenaillologist Pumpkin spice marbled nails for autumn/winter 🍂🤎✨ Such an easy way to create a gorgeous, professional looking design 😋 Step by step description: • after applying your builder gel base, select the colours you want in your marble • put blobs of each colour onto your mixing palette and swirl them into each other • apply a layer of blooming gel to the nail (this one is from @Madam Glam NY ) and don’t cure •pick up the swirled gel using a flat brush and drag across the nail • leave the colours to bloom out until you are happy and then cure for 60 seconds • apply a no wipe top coat and cure for 60 seconds #marblenails #nailtutorial #autumnnails #winternails #brownnails ♬ original sound – gilmoregirlstok

The popularity of the pumpkin spice latte is such that the SpaSeekers.com platform has announced its intention to launch the first pumpkin spice spa day. If this moment of relaxation sees the light of day in the United Kingdom, it will involve immersing yourself – literally – in the orange drink. On the program: a whirlpool bath made with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, pumpkin puree and a drop of coffee, a pumpkin and spice facial treatment, and a restorative massage the same recipe. An unusual well-being break which should attract more than one fan of the iconic drink.