Quilted jackets, bombers, biker jackets and coats: 60 options for spring

Quilted jackets, bombers, biker jackets and coats: 60 options for spring


A short twist with puffy sleeves and elasticated cuffs is the hottest and most versatile item. You can wear it with anything – the bomber jacket looks harmonious with jeans, classic trousers with arrows, and even with feminine satin skirts. Depending on the material and details, bomber jackets look different and set the mood of the look. Thus, the “Brisbane” model of the GATE31 brand embodies elegance and restraint due to the fact that it is made of gray woolen coat fabric. And the oversized pps bomber with voluminous puffed sleeves is a real loud statement: you definitely won’t be able to blend in with the crowd in it.

Quilted jackets

The more intricate the stitching, the more interesting the twist. For example, M.Reason designers “painted” either waves or air clouds with stitches on a light blue jacket. And DaisyKnit added accents to the vertical quilting in the form of materials combined in color. Emporio Armani decorated the jacket with intricate quilting in the form of letters – however, if such active lettering gets boring, it can be worn on the other laconic side (the model is reversible).

Trench coats and raincoats

It seems like there has never been such a variety of trench coats and raincoats as this season. Fans of classic options will appreciate the Lime and Cocos models, made in calm shades from fabrics with water-repellent impregnations. If you’re ready to experiment (but not too radically), take a look at the YOU trench coat in dark denim, the Vassa & Co trench coat with contrasting trim, or the Anna Pekun trench coat in a rich olive shade. The most daring option is offered by the Choux brand – a trench coat made of dark chocolate-colored leather is not for nothing called “The Matrix”: it, like a time machine, will send you to the 1990s.


For those who already have a classic coat in black, gray or beige, now is the time to choose a model in a bright or unusual color, an original cut or with interesting details. For example, Nude Story released a cropped coat made of textured wool in a soft pink shade – the embodiment of spring mood. With wide sleeves and a loose silhouette, it’s also very cozy. And the Only Me brand, famous for its eco-fur coats, offers a straight-cut coat made of thin eco-fur with modern insulation – an ideal demi-season model.