Revenge Bedtime Procrastination, a Phenomenon When Someone Often Delays Bedtime

Cara mengendalikan emosi dapat dilakukan dengan menenangkan diri

Have you ever postponed bedtime because you felt like it was “a shame” that you haven’t done fun activities after a long day of activities? Well, this phenomenon is called revenge bedtime procrastination.

Even though it seems trivial, continuously delaying bedtime can have a negative impact on body health.

How to overcome revenge bedtime procrastination what is right so that your sleep pattern is not disturbed?

What is revenge bedtime procrastination?

Revenge bedtime procrastination or bedtime revenge is a condition when someone postpones bedtime to do something they enjoy.

Usually, this is done after a day of work or activities. It could be workers or school children.

So, when work, college assignments, school lessons take up your fun time, you feel the need to replace it at night. As a result, you delay your sleep time and sleep late.

Researchers have their own theories about why someone is willing to delay bedtime and is used to doing so revenge bedtime procrastinationlike:

  • Have a habit of sleeping late at night
  • Looking for ways to relieve stress
  • No self control
  • Have a habit of postponing things
  • Parents are busy taking care of children

Even though they look similar, revenge bedtime procrastination has a difference with staying up late.

Generally, staying up late is done if someone needs to do certain activities at a specific time. Whereas revenge bedtime procrastination generally just delaying bedtime for no special reason.

Who can experience revenge bedtime procrastination?

Actually, revenge bedtime procrastination could happen to anyone.

But, from something study stated that there are groups that do it more often, namely students and women. Apart from that, people who like to procrastinate work also stay up late more often.

People who have jobs with high levels of stress are also at risk revenge bedtime procrastination because I feel like I need entertainment before going to bed and going back to work the next day.

Not only that, delaying bedtime can happen because of small things. For example, before going to bed playing on your cell phone or watching a movie that you like. Initially I only intended to do it for 10-15 minutes, but in the end it took hours.

The impact of delaying bedtime

Delaying bedtime can cause sleep deprivation. As a result, reduced energy, weakness, bad mood, difficulty thinking, and makes you unproductive. The following are various effects or impacts revenge bedtime procrastination other:

  • Emergency
  • Depression
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Hypertension
  • Increased risk of heart disease and diabetes
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Decreased immune system
  • Weight gain

How to prevent revenge bedtime procrastination

Before it becomes a habit or gets worse, you should re-establish good sleeping habits.

Even though it feels difficult at first, if you do it consistently you will start to form a habit of following the correct sleeping hours. Here are some ways to prevent the habit of delaying bedtime so that you get enough sleep:

1. Prioritize sleep time

Remember that sleep is a way to rest your body after being tired from activities.

Therefore, to prevent revenge bedtime procrastination You have to instill in your mind that sleep time is very important and make it a priority.

When you want to postpone bedtime, remember the importance of getting enough sleep. You need to replenish lost energy so that your body doesn’t feel weak, and wake up in a better mood.

2. Retrain bedtime

Revenge bedtime procrastination making sleeping and waking times messy.

To prevent this, you need to be more disciplined in setting sleeping and waking hours.

For example, consistently go to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 5 am. After a few days, your body adapts again to sleep according to the hours you have set.

If you are used to napping, limit naps to no more than 30 minutes.

3. Have a sleep routine

Consistently and being disciplined about following a bedtime may not be easy for some people.

As a way to prevent revenge bedtime procrastination, try to do a routine that relaxes the body.

For example, soak your feet in salt water, stretch lightly, and turn on aromatherapy. Also avoid eating too much at night, because it can make you restless before bed.

4. Turn off electronic devices

Most people have the habit of watching TV or viewing social media before going to bed. In fact, this habit can cause revenge bedtime procrastination.

Therefore, immediately turn off the TV, cellphone or tablet before bedtime.

To fall asleep quickly, try doing body relaxation movements, meditation, or light stretching.

Revenge bedtime procrastination It cannot be underestimated, because it can become a habit that is hard to break. Remember that you need to get enough rest so that your energy can be replenished

Because lack of sleep can be a factor that increases the risk of various diseases.

Consult further with your doctor to find out the symptoms of difficulty sleeping and how to overcome them. Including, when you can’t overcome the habit of delaying sleep.