Sabrina Ferilli is more and more beautiful and Maria De Filippi surprises her on TV

Sabrina Ferilli

Sabrina Ferilli, guest of "Che tempo che fa", is surprised by her friend Maria De Filippi who reveals her secret

Sabrina Ferilli is more and more beautiful and Maria De Filippi surprises her on TV. The actress and the presenter have been friends for many years. A very strong bond that viewers have discovered also thanks to Tu Sì Que Vales, a program in which they cover the role of judges. La Ferilli, a guest of Che tempo che fa, told about her relationship with the presenter who enjoys teasing her and making jokes.

At 56, Ferilli is a gorgeous woman and a successful actress with a very long career behind her. The Italian star, after receiving compliments from Fabio Fazio, commented on the hypothesis of a Sanremo Festival conducted with Maria De Filippi. "These are those shit that De Filippi shoots – he said -. To embarrass me, throw these sticks in there. Maria says I swear? Those I tell you because it exasperates me, it haunts me. He knows everything I don't like and he does it on purpose. She defines herself as a measured woman but she is not ”.

Sabrina then started laughing and, surprisingly, Maria also intervened in connection. “The thing that makes me laugh the most about Sabrina is that she remains a child who is amazed by things, who has a world of her own – explained Maurizio Costanzo's wife -. Fabio ask her what she ate tonight and if those who live with her ate the same things ”. Sabrina Ferilli then replied with amusement: “What a bitch. Since not everyone has my taste for food, I – working all day – arrange a dinner as I please. Who is here with me, Flavio, says he is not interested and instead then goes to nibble. I who have dreamed all day of finding that little thing ready, I find half of it or it is even over. So now I eat first. What happens if Flavio eats my stuff? M'in **** o ".

Sincere and splendid, the actress of The Great Beauty then spoke about the relationship with her body that has improved over the years. “You never like one, – he admitted – then I have always had an extremely important physique that perhaps is more understood as the years go by, than between twenty or eighteen year olds. My adolescence was not very happy, then I had my rescue. I have never been courted a lot, they liked thin, skinny people better. Back then I had an even more exuberant body than now ”.

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