Sanremo 2021: the top and the flop of the fourth evening

Sanremo 2021: the top and the flop of the fourth evening

Achille Lauro wins the fourth evening of Sanremo 2021 with a kiss, while the monologue by Barbara Palombelli is not convincing

Sanremo 2021, the looks of March 5: fourth evening

The fourth evening of Sanremo 2021 lights up with the co-hosts Beatrice Venezi and Barbara Palombelli, chosen to support Amadeus and Fiorello on stage. Mahmood conquers the Ariston with a look that breaks the mold, while Achille Lauro gives his best with an amazing painting that celebrates civil unions and ends with a kiss to the guitarist Boss Doms.

So here are the tops and flops of the fourth appointment with the Festival.

MAHMOOD – Proclaimed winner of Sanremo in 2019, Mahmood returns to the Ariston stage and, once again, demonstrates his talent. What is striking is not only the extraordinary vocal timbre, but also the look with the skirt, flaunted with style and desire to always look forward. The singer dances and sings, retracing his greatest hits with a medley that hypnotizes and demonstrates, once again, that he knows how to shine like few other artists.

ACHILLE LAURO – To those who accused him of having lost the enamel of Sanremo 2020, Achille responds with an amazing fourth painting. The artist brings to the stage a medley of Me ne frego and Rolls Royce, two of his most famous songs, and enters dressed in white together with the guitarist Boss Doms. The understanding between the artists, who have always collaborated together, is undeniable and gives extraordinary strength to the performance that ends with a kiss.

BARBARA PALOMBELLI – Her monologue on women, in which she mixes the memories of her past and the struggles for women's rights, does not convince and divides the public who relentlessly comments on social media. “You, girls, have found the rights already done, we have had to build them – says Palombelli -. Now it's up to you to defend them, but with the determined smile you have. We must always rebel, we will never go well: they will humiliate us, we will never be perfect, we will never go well with husbands, fathers, brothers. We must not give up even if the price is very high ".

FIORELLO – Never as in this Festival has the showman put himself on the line. After the first evening of Sanremo 2021 in which he winked at Achille Lauro with his cloak of flowers, he decided to perform with the Roman singer on the fourth evening. King of improvisation, always ready to support his friend Amadeus, he is the real engine of this Festival so different from the others.

AMADEUS – After months of dodging and resolving controversies, the artistic director of the event is also able to better manage criticisms on the timetable. The spread of the schedule of the fourth evening of Sanremo 2021, where the end of the program was set at 2.39, had created not a little panic. The conductor, however, manages to anticipate the times and says goodbye shortly after 2. “We have recovered 45 minutes!”, He announces.

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