She reigned supreme in the Polish People’s Republic. It is back in a new, healthier version

She reigned supreme in the Polish People's Republic.  It is back in a new, healthier version

A synonym for kitsch? The hallmark of a disliked aunt who is mentally stuck in the ’80s? Disfiguring and damaging hair treatment? Not necessarily. Perms are coming back into favor. Its modern edition has a new, healthier version in a different shape.

She reigned supreme in the Polish People's Republic.  It is back in a new, healthier version

Perm hair is back in fashion

Perms, which were popular in the Polish People’s Republic, over time became unfashionable, criticized for their negative impact on hair and associated with a person whose mentality, style and behavior stopped in the 1980s.

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However, due to the wave of interest in things that were a few decades old, the fashion for making things that last a few decades is coming back into fashion. Fortunately, the methods of making it have changed with the times, so the perm is no longer so harmful to the condition of the hair.

The 70s and 80s were the time when perms were the most fashionable. Later, the 1990s brought a new fashion. Nowadays, in the 2020s, we already have a lot of diversity, and what was once shocking has become mainstream. The advantages of old styles are also being discovered, and this is where perms can be mentioned.

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How to do a permanent wave – then and now

How were perms done in the Polish People’s Republic? The treatment lasted about an hour, during which the hair was styled using rollers and permanent wave fluid. The effect lasted for several months. Some people did perms at home, with better or worse results.

It must be admitted that perming products had a damaging effect on the hair, and the lack of conditioners or care products did not help in this respect. Today, the method is similar, but the preparations used are gentler and healthier for the hair.

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You can go for a herbal perm, which is the safest and least permanent, making it a good idea for people who are unsure how they will feel about their curls in the long run. You can also choose stronger acidic and alkaline preparations.

The shape of the perm has also changed significantly, and today it no longer resembles a “lamb with straight bangs” or – horror of horrors – curled bangs and a slightly protruding whole. There is much more freedom and irregularity in the curl of the hair.

This guarantees a more natural look. A perm can be a very good idea if you don’t have the desire or time to style your hair every day.