Simona Ventura is back on TV: "I'll have my own program"

Simona Ventura is back on TV: "I'll have my own program"

The presenter is charged and excited to return to the small screen at the helm of her own program

Simona Ventura in shape with Giovanni Terzi

Simona Ventura is ready to return to TV: to declare it the presenter herself, who has revealed that she will soon be at the helm of a program of her own.

"I can't say anything – Ventura said laughing, interviewed by Tv Blog – but there is, there is a program of my own". And then he added: "It will air in the spring, or maybe a little earlier, I don't know, in prime time".

Super Simo surprised everyone, pleasing all those who could not wait to find her again at the conduct of a new program: "I have finally reached a wonderful peace of mind, and since I am happy with what I sincerely do, proposals have arrived".

It seems to be a golden period for Ventura: although the wedding with the journalist Giovanni Terzi has been postponed due to the health emergency, their love is proceeding well. The couple did not want to reveal the new scheduled date, but the intention is that of a wedding in Rimini, one of their favorite places, "sooner than you can imagine", Ventura confessed in a recent interview with the weekly Chi .

And then there is work, which continues to give her great satisfaction. “Luckily I do a lot of things, I diversify, so I don't have this phone anxiety that doesn't ring. I am very calm and serene: these are new projects, which I really like ”.

During the interview, the presenter, charged and enthusiastic, also indulged in a confession about the new adventures that await her on TV: "Reality shows may arrive, but in a completely new way. I always remember and I am very happy, but I don't know if I would be able to do reality shows as I did them until ten years ago, I think this is also a tool that has changed a lot ".

And regarding her recent experience, that of the Ventura Week program, Simona said: "I would have gladly continued, but the lockdown was involved and it was cut. This year I would have liked to resume because in my opinion these programs conquer the public over time. Rai 2 is doing a great job in the early evening and it shows, since they are doing great, so I'm happy to be there “.

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