Skipping rope: the best products to choose for your workout

Skipping rope: the best products to choose for your workout

The skipping rope is an ideal companion for a healthy, toning and quality bodyweight workout. A tool that takes up little space and can be used both in the gym and at home. And, why not, even on vacation, to never lose the (healthy) habit of physical activity and kick-start your metabolism.

Tipsforwomens has selected for you a ranking with some of the best products to buy online and a series of good (indeed, excellent) reasons to always start training with a skipping rope.

Skipping rope, a faithful friend of your training

The skipping rope is the most practical, economical and discreet tool that you can put in your suitcase or bag and always have with you… even at the beach or in the mountains. For the little ones it’s a game, but for sportsmen, like boxers for example, it’s a way to burn calories and increase muscle mass.

It doesn’t seem like it, but training with a skipping rope is one of the most complete physical exercises because it is able to activate all the muscles in the body.

During a training session, the legs and buttocks are put under great strain. Result? The calves become slimmer and the thighs become more toned. But that’s not all. This activity also requires the help of the abdominal belt: the permanent contraction of the abdominal muscles during the hops is almost as effective as a crunch session!

In addition to building muscle mass, jumping rope also helps improve posture, timing, and balance.

Energy expenditure, weight loss, cardiovascular training: this discipline is truly a panacea, if performed with the right method and with an adequate technique.

How to jump rope?

Before choosing the product that’s right for you and starting to train, learn the movement well and practice. You just need to follow a few basic steps.

  • Keep your belly tight throughout the exercise. The arms remain motionless and away from the body.
  • The pelvis and back must remain still.
  • The wrists contribute to the rotation of the string, in an effort involving both arms and shoulders.
  • There’s no point in jumping too high, it’s more important to take your own pace.
  • Always keep your gaze straight ahead.
  • Skipping rope: the ranking of the best products?

    1 – Brank Sports: the quality skipping rope

    One of the best products in terms of quality/price ratio is certainly the BRANK SPORTS® skipping rope, ideal for any discipline and for any training plan. It is a tool made up of 3 very resistant steel ropes, ideal for crossfit sessions but also Boxing, Rope-Skipping and normal jumping.

    A unisex skipping rope, with fine workmanship, solid and with excellent strength. The handle is made of unbreakable aluminum for maximum comfort, thanks also to the non-slip knurling. And it’s built specifically for double unders to deliver ultra-fast, optimal spin. For the more accustomed, with this string you can also experiment and perfect the triple under.

    But it is also a unique and complete piece of equipment for everyday training, at any level. Included in the price, in fact, is a real kit: a carrying bag, three steel cables with PVC protection, spare parts and even a guide with instructions for the main exercises, from basic level to advanced.

    And the cost? Incredible but true: only 25 euros for a versatile, reliable and “multitasking” product.

    2 – Sundried, the cheapest

    A rope weighing just 140 g, highly recommended for home fitness sessions. We’re talking about the Sundried product, which has its economic strength as its main strength: less than 8 euros to start jumping with a top-level rope and a very small effort.

    But, despite the low cost, all the features and standard equipment you need are present, without savings. Like the ergonomic handles, for example, with a very comfortable groove at the height of the thumb and a non-slip structure.

    In the price list we also find a carrying bag, spare cable and accesses for a free downloadable jump guide. Without forgetting that, thanks to the super thin cable, this rope can be purchased by both beginners and experts because it is able to support any fitness session (and any exercise) very well.

    A versatile product, therefore, undoubtedly low cost and patented. What more do you want?

    3 – Beast gear skipping rope, professional yet affordable

    We continue our ranking of the best jump ropes with a tool that is placed in the middle (both in terms of price and features) compared to the previous ones. In fact, in this case it is the professional skipping rope by Beast Gear, which meets all the standards necessary for a personalized cardio and toning session.

    A complete equipment, light and easily adjustable. Here too, beginners and professionals will find bread for their teeth. Furthermore, this type of rope is widely used for boxing, mma and martial arts training, thanks to its prompt response to speed, a fundamental component for accustoming the reflexes.

    Unlike a classic skipping rope, Beast Gear’s skipping rope rotates on a set of double ball bearings designed down to the smallest detail for perfect control in all conditions.

    In the price list we are around 24-25 euros, but it is not difficult to find this product, loved by users, even with a 30% discount.

    4 – BAIAA, the sports skipping rope

    If you are looking for a jump rope that can take care of the hard work, durable and minimal, the Baiaa option could be for you. This rope is made of PVC coated aluminum which is truly indestructible and durable. A solution in case of very prolonged exercises.

    A product capable of delaying – and by a long time – wear, therefore, and is also capable of accommodating any variant of the jump without a hitch. This is due to its construction. The structure is designed to guarantee fluidity and avoid tangles, even once placed in the bag. The adjustable length is everyone’s friend, as this jump rope can be used by any user: men, women and children.

    The expected classic design is available in four different colourways: blue, gold, black and grey. All at a fair price, considering that we are around 18 euros.

    5 – TOQIBO, the most technological skipping rope

    We close our ranking of the best jump ropes with a different tool, both in terms of prerogatives and materials and components. The Toqibo string adds something more than previous products, considering that electronics are also used here.

    How? With an LED screen that accompanies your workout with four useful statistics: user weight, exercise timer, jump counter and even calorie counter. These features certainly help those who want to use the rope as a fitness tool to lose weight and get back in shape: a suitable option, therefore, also in combination with a low-calorie plan.

    Those who, on the other hand, are looking for a sturdy rope that is also resistant to workout “mistreatment” should look for something else. We must always consider that the technological part is inserted in a more delicate design, in rubber, plastic and leather.

    In any case, considering the novelties, the price is astounding: just 15-16 euros for the product including bag and instructions. An alternative jump rope, a must try!

    But why buy a jump rope? Why take her on vacation?

    1 – For its price

    To get back in shape, all you need is a good pair of fitness shoes and a skipping rope, which has a really affordable price: you can find skipping ropes, with or without handles, from 7-8 euros upwards.

    The ideal length? Put the rope on the ground and place one foot on it. Take the ends and pull them upwards: they should reach shoulder height.

    2 – For its practicality

    No excuses if you have to travel: the rope is not bulky and fits in any suitcase, but also in your bag.

    If you go to the mountains you can put it in your backpack. The places to jump are numerous: from the park to your living room!

    3 – For men, women and… children

    Whether you’re super fit or just starting out, everyone can jump rope at their own pace and according to their physical condition.

    4 – To burn calories

    15 minutes of jumping rope a day burns 200 calories, so jumping rope can help you get back in shape in no time.

    Combined with a balanced food plan (the Tipsforwomens diet), a 15-minute session 3 times a week will help you get back in shape in less than 2 months.

    5 – For a complete workout

    Jumping rope calls on all the muscles in the body so it helps you tone up your legs, back and abs without increasing in volume.

    After each session, spend 5 minutes stretching.

    6 – For the many benefits it gives you

    Jumping rope strengthens your heart which is why it is used as a warm-up in many sporting activities.

    As you jump, the veins are massaged by the working muscles and this helps improve blood circulation.

    Even those with varicose veins can jump rope, because the calf muscles are essential for venous return. Increase your stamina.

    And then: increase balance; train your heart and lungs; tones your back and abdominal girdle.

    7 – Because it’s less stressful than running

    The important thing is to jump correctly on your toes and keep the…