Not only diet, but also personalized workouts: Tipsforwomens’s new products for losing weight and staying in shape

Not only diet, but also personalized workouts: Melarossa's new products for losing weight and staying in shape

Tipsforwomens launches the new fitness area among the functions included in the personalized diet. After so many nice words spent telling you how important physical activity is for losing weight and staying fit, from now on Tipsforwomens really gets down to business. A totally exclusive novelty, which adds an extra concrete help for all those who really don’t want to waste time behind gyms, do-it-yourself plans and sporadic jogs. But great news also for those who want to keep their figure and follow a correct lifestyle, without too many thoughts. All at your fingertips!

And this is already possible with the same subscription as always, at no additional cost: 2.99 euros per month, with the first 7 days free to test all the functions and services of a one-of-a-kind personalized diet.

The advantages of a personalized diet… with your trusted “trainer”.

When we talk about the Tipsforwomens diet, we don’t just do it as if we were faced with the classic food plan to follow. The arrival of the fitness section is yet another proof of this.

Don’t worry if until now you’ve had to deal with a hectic, sedentary, maybe even a little lazy life. In fact, together with your customized menus and the many components of the app, you will now also find a small sticker in the shape of gym dumbbells. By touching the icon, you will access the workout section which, like any other service, is proof for novice Internet users. And, of course, customizable in every aspect.

The famous “kg less per week” will thus be much easier to achieve. And know that Tipsforwomens is not hiding anything from you, quite the contrary. Frequency, repetitions, types of exercises: any aspect is calculated according to your data, your needs and, why not, even your desire or not to dedicate time to yourself. Here, time – albeit little – is the only thing you really can’t do without.

There are 3 training sessions per week, because constancy is your best ally. Each workout has a duration that varies between 20 and 30 minutes, an “ideal amount” even for those who consider physical activity an authentic mountain to climb.

But how does the fitness section work?

We have said that one thing that will be needed is time. And the next question could be: “and sweat and effort, right?”. The answer is no, because you will decide how much to go further and when to do it. The circuits are elaborated on the basis of the proposed intensity, calculated according to the data entered in your profile. There are three levels available: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

You can start from the basic level, with a traditional stretching session, to get to the workouts for true fitness enthusiasts. But nothing prevents you from doing your homework and bringing home the medal of “at least I did a little movement today”.

Tipsforwomens is transparent and sincere even when it comes to explaining the training you are going to do. If militant gymnast idioms aren’t your thing, fear not. Every single exercise is interactive, animated and explained in detail. The animations help to perform the workout correctly and to find the effective rhythm. You can also load yourself with preset music or choose to hear your own, muting the workout.

The presence of tools, such as dumbbells or elastic bands, may or may not be required, in any case indicated before the start of training. What if you don’t like the circuit? Know that from the “Edit” section you can easily change each workout at any time.

Step by step, here’s how to access the fitness section to start training.

  • First download the app from the stores or, if you already have it installed, access the home screen.
  • Complete the personalized diet sign-up process and activate your free trial week or subscription.
  • On the personalized diet menu screen, at the bottom you will find an icon depicting the classic gym dumbbells: by touching the icon, you can access the personalized fitness section.
  • You are now in the fitness section: just confirm or modify your training level – calculated automatically on the basis of your data entered and the hours of activity recorded during registration – and start training. Easy, right?
  • Why is it important to be consistent and respect your level of training?

    The newborn fitness section is a service that adds to the many components of the Tipsforwomens universe – from the contents of the magazine in the app to the automated diet aids – to understand, once again, how much constant and moderate physical activity can improve not only the relationship with the balance but also one’s weapons in terms of prevention and well-being.

    This is confirmed by Tipsforwomens’s personal trainer and fitness expert, Giovanna Lecis, who explains how important consistency is for productive and effective training (even for diet!).

    Consistency in training is essential, both from a mental and physical point of view, because it is closely related to willpower: it is that “click”, that spring that sets us off, which makes us say “no, let’s not give up , let’s go on”, which makes us get up from the sofa and say “ok, now I’m going to train, even if I don’t feel like it”.

    Giovanna Lecis

    But why does this happen? Because thanks to constancy, improvement takes place – and is perceived -, creating a real “metabolic adaptation”. That is to say: if you train constantly, you improve from a physical point of view, performance and metabolic functions.

    But does all this help to increase muscle mass, lose weight and, at the same time, to be a panacea for well-being and health? The answer is yes.

    Training appropriately to your physical condition, with the right frequency and a suitable workload is the way to go regardless of your weight goals. And this is precisely the mission that prompted Tipsforwomens to perfect the new exclusive features of the fitness area. As our Giovanna Lecis always confirms.

    Training consistently allows us to introduce heavier workloads. Therefore, if we work with an incremental perspective, we greatly improve our muscle mass, also optimizing our recovery capacity. And to the question “how much should we train”, what to answer? In a one-week cycle it’s important to train consistently at least 3 times, to create that famous metabolic adaptation that always allows us to improve.

    Giovanna Lecis