Soft, fluffy, red: where to buy the hottest items of the season

Soft, fluffy, red: where to buy the hottest items of the season

Women’s fashion


This expressive velvety material burst not only into everyday life, but also on the red carpet: the icon of the swinging 1960s, the forever young Twiggy, appeared in a corduroy suit at the Vogue World 2023 show in September. However, new collections presented at TSUM confirm that not only jackets and trousers are actively sewn from corduroy, but also vests, dresses and even shirts, which can be mixed with each other or with smoother textures, such as leather. But it is the total look that looks the most relevant, and also warms and has a therapeutic effect due to its softness and relief, pleasant to the touch.


This is definitely the main trend of the season, suggesting wearing business clothes outside the office. True, with concessions: trousers with creases can be on the drawstring, shirts – elongated, with a pointed collar, midi skirts – asymmetrical, with raw edges, and pumps – certainly comfortable, so that you can not only sit in an office chair, but also break through the evening bustle to meet friends, dates and events. These are the models presented in the autumn-winter collections of world brands that arrived at TSUM, from Dolce & Gabbana and Brunello Cucinelli to Jil Sander and Erika Cavallini.

Code red

The fact that red will be in fashion this season has been talked about since the appearance of singer Rihanna at the Super Bowl in February 2023 in a total look with a Loewe corset. Fashion catwalks have begun to promote monochrome red looks, but they are hardly an easy choice for those who do not perform on the big stage. There is a solution: just add red to your image as one detail or accessory. For example, Dolce & Gabbana skirts, a Colombo cashmere turtleneck or classic Santoni pumps with stable heels. You can combine red with another trend – ultra-short shorts, like Brunello Cucinelli. To help – thick tights, an elongated bulky jacket and an inspiring example in the person of Kendall Jenner.

Faded effect

Rich shades coexist in a seasonal wardrobe with discreet, faded textures. It is interesting that behind the finished product, despite its apparent ingenuousness, there is a huge amount of work going beyond the usual experience. For example, a Colombo jacket was transformed in its finished form using a spray gun, a Uma Wang velvet jacket was bleached on a cotton base as if it were denim, and Santoni shoes were hand-dyed in several layers to achieve an antique finish, but at the same time in conjunction with modern design. This is how the famous Anticatura patina is obtained – the signature finish of the Italian brand.

Emphasis on the bag

Quiet luxury is about minimalist looks with clothes made from noble fabrics without pronounced textures and accessories. Accessories stand out well against their background: designers resort to unusual shapes, colors and decor. Have you ever seen a crystal ball bag? Or with a handle in the shape…