Sprays, serums, shampoos, balms: choosing new products for hair

Sprays, serums, shampoos, balms: choosing new products for hair

L’Oréal Paris introduced the Absolut Repair Molecular spray serum and line for hair restoration

Spray serum Elseve 10 in 1 designed to care for dry and unruly hair. It deeply nourishes them, adding shine and protecting them during styling. The product is included in the “Elseve Luxury 6 oils” collection. Formula includes:

  • marula oil (natural antioxidant), deeply nourishing and moisturizing the hair shaft;
  • camellia oil, known for its restorative properties, which is responsible for the softness and shine of hair;
  • a complex of lipids that restores the hair shaft and prevents damage.

Another new product from the French brand – Absolut Repair Molecular. Products from this line restore the molecular structure of hair, combating dryness, uneven thickness, fragility, loss of color and shine, as well as rough, split and thinned ends.

The main problem of damaged hair lies in the destruction of the peptide chain. This occurs due to aggressive external influences, such as chemical procedures. Experts from the L’Oréal Advanced Research Center created a formula that included an ultra-concentrated complex of five amino acids and a 2% peptide binder. They compensate for the destruction of amino acids, transform and restore the molecular structure of hair.

The Absolut Repair Molecular line includes four products:

  • concentrated pre-shampoo that restores the surface of the hair, making it more manageable and smooth;
  • shampoo that cleanses and detangles hair;
  • rinse-off serum to strengthen hair and restore elasticity and mobility;
  • A leave-in cream mask with a light texture that strengthens and protects hair from exposure to high temperatures.

AlterEgo Italy has released a new Egoline collection

The Italian brand developed the Egoline collection, which included three lines:

  • Scalpego for scalp care. Increased sensitivity, dandruff and excess sebum are usually caused by inflammation and disruption of the microbiota. The main ingredient was fermented oats, rich in proteins. It maintains microbiota balance, preventing skin dryness, and also has a softening and soothing effect.
  • Curego takes care of hair with different textures. The formula is built on the beneficial properties of fermented rice water, which contains a postbiotic complex rich in antioxidants, amino acids and proteins.
  • Chromego Helps colored hair retain color thanks to fermented walnut extract.
Collection Egoline, AlterEgo Italy

Collection Egoline, AlterEgo Italy

Mone Professional has created a styling mousse with the effect of additional volume HI Volume Air Mousse

The new product will help give your hair the desired shape and is suitable for hairstyles of any complexity, especially for thin hair. The product lifts hair at the roots, giving it elasticity, shine and easily fixing it. The mousse is easy to apply thanks to a special dispenser.

Styling mousse with the effect of additional volume HI Volume Air Mousse, Mone Professional

Styling mousse with the effect of additional volume HI Volume Air Mousse, Mone Professional

Biolage has developed a line for damaged hair, Strength Recovery.

Biolage has created the Strength Recovery collection, powered by squalane, to restore hair after damage such as daily use of heat tools, repeated brushing, styling and coloring. Plant-derived squalane mimics hair’s natural lipids, repairing and protecting hair from damage while adding softness and shine. The line includes shampoo, conditioner and spray.

Spray for restoring damaged hair with squalane Strength Recovery, Biolage

Spray for restoring damaged hair with squalane Strength Recovery, Biolage

Bisou has released a 22 in 1 leave-in spray with avocado oil

The product will help instantly moisturize and nourish hair, make it easier to comb, eliminate frizz, and add shine. The spray is also suitable for blow-drying to protect hair from heat. The product will be especially appreciated by those with thin and damaged hair. Three components are responsible for the result:

  • avocado oil, which fights hair split ends, gives it elasticity and deeply nourishes it;
  • keratin, which restores damaged hair structure;
  • betaine, which strengthens and gives smoothness and elasticity.
Leave-in spray 22 in 1, Bisou

Leave-in spray 22 in 1, Bisou

Likato Professional now has a detox scrub for the scalp

The product will delicately remove dirt and styling product residues from the hair and scalp. It also fights excess oil, creates root volume and stimulates hair growth. Contains natural scrubbing particles, lactic and glycolic acids, as well as almond oil.

Detox scrub for scalp Likato Professional

Detox scalp scrub Likato Professional

Laino presented the universal shampoo “Lime 3 in 1” for face, hair and body

Organic shampoo suitable for face, body and hair. Thanks to the duo of organic lime and glycerin, the product will delicately cleanse and moisturize. It also has a refreshing effect. The shampoo foams easily and rinses off, leaving a pleasant citrus aroma on the skin.

Universal shampoo

Universal shampoo “Lime 3 in 1” for face, hair and body, Laino

Phyto presented three new products

The French brand has added to the Softness line:

  • dry shampoo, which takes just two minutes to restore volume, shine and texture to your hair without leaving any residue. The formula contains a prebiotic to support scalp health, as well as rice powder to absorb excess sebum.
  • softening shampoo for frequent use, which will give your hair shine and lightness. The product is suitable for the whole family (for children from three years old). Contains oat milk, which has a softening and protective effect on the hair and scalp; polycondensate, which makes hair easier to comb and makes it more voluminous; white mallow extract for shine and a prebiotic complex for scalp health.

Another new thing – Phytocyane strengthening shampoo for women, which gently cleanses, tones and strengthens hair. The formula includes grape seed procyanidols to protect hair follicles; Ginkgo biloba extract, which activates metabolism and increases capillary resistance; a decoction of cinchona bark, which has stimulating properties. The shampoo complements the Phytocyane line, designed to combat hair loss.

Anna Gale has released a set of “Three-step hair care”

The set will be an excellent option for getting to know the brand. The products will help restore healthy shine, volume and smoothness to your hair. Anna Gale experts advise starting…