Spring meals: our expert’s tips for eating lighter

Spring meals: our expert’s tips for eating lighter

The return of spring, with its sunny and longer days, makes you want to eat light. How can you lighten your plate, while keeping meals nutritionally balanced and complete? Here are the tips from Raphaël Gruman, dietitian nutritionist.

The sunny days are gradually setting in and making you want to eat lighter. No more winter dishes with sauces, spring meals are best eaten cold. For Raphaël Gruman, dietician-nutritionist, there is a simple way to vary your diet, while maintaining a balanced content: it involves making bowls, in the form of large mixed salads.

What should a salad bowl contain?

Bowl salads are derived from so-called poke bowl dishes, which consist of slightly sticky rice, edamame (soy beans), slices of avocado, cubes of mango or pineapple and raw fish, salmon, generally.

For his part, Raphaël Gruman, author of the book “100 bowl express anti-inflammatories”, published by Leduc, recommends composing your bowl salads with elements from each of the nutritional categories that we all know: carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. .

How to compose a salad bowl?

Questioned, the expert gives us some ideas for creating varied meals. For carbohydrates, you have to focus on “Foods with a low glycemic index, such as bulgur or quinoa, which promote satiety and prevent cravings in the afternoon. he advises. “These cereals are just as filling as pasta, and are less heavy on digestion..

For proteins, the expert assures that you can use the ones you like, recommending that you still focus on white meats or fish, such as salmon for example, or even shrimp. “For those who want a veggie version, it is entirely possible to replace these elements with legumes such as lentils.“.

The lipids will, for their part, be provided by cubes of cheese such as Comté, Emmental, Roquefort, goat’s cheese… or by a yogurt sauce, for example.

Finally, Raphaël Gruman reminds us not to forget vegetables, favoring seasonal ones, in order to maximize our intake of vitamins and minerals.”IIt is better to avoid vegetables that are not in season, they have been transported for a long time and have lost many of their minerals during the journey. he explains. “Among the vegetables to favor on sunny days, there are tomatoes, peppers or cucumbers, which are very good foods to add to a salad bowl.“continues the expert.

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For dessert, favor fruit

Finally, Raphaël Gruman advises betting on fruit for dessert. “It’s the best way to finish your meal, to keep a certain balance.” he assures. According to him, strawberries are an excellent choice. “It is a fruit with very little sugar, very few calories and which allows you to add a tangy touch to your meal..

In addition to strawberries, red fruits are also recommended by the specialist, due to their antioxidant content. Later, in summer, the choice will be even greater to vary the desserts with watermelon, melon, peaches or even apricots.

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