Staying with the same person all your life. Is it possible ?

Staying with the same person all your life.  Is it possible ?

In this age of everything ephemeral, the question of the lifespan of a couple arises. Is it still possible, in 2023, to live with the same person all your life? The answer from Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

We live in a time where nothing really seems to last. Even within families, long considered a safe haven, couples no longer hold together or rarely. So is it impossible to live a lifetime with the same person? TipsForWomens asked the question to Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

Staying with the same person all your life is possible

For all the people who are rather pessimistic on the issue, know that it is possible to stay in a relationship with the same person all your life, according to our expert. But under a few conditions. “It is possible to stay with the same person all your life when both people know how to commit to each other and maintain a reciprocal relationship. first of all indicates the psychologist. “On the contrary, if one of the two members of the couple simply seeks to fill a void, they will harm the other, because the other will not meet their expectations.

Stay positive about the possibility of meeting this person

Those who are most skeptical about living their entire lives with the same partner may have experienced several disappointments in love, which makes them think that this is not possible. “Indeed, this could be an explanation.” confirms the specialist. “However, we should not think that this is impossible, however. There are fulfilled and serene couples who have committed to walking hand in hand forever, this indicates that this can indeed exist. insists the expert.

How do you make a relationship last a lifetime?

Finally, contrary to what one might think, staying in a relationship with the same person all your life does not mean living a life without any problems. “Every human being has their flaws, but that doesn’t mean a relationship can’t last. There are questions of ego and forgiveness that come into play: what can be forgiven, what is unforgivable? And above all, we must tell ourselves that it is the couple against the problem and not one member of the couple against the other.

For the psychologist, to make the couple last, there are a few rules to follow:

  • Identify obstacles to communication within the couple;
  • Learn to position yourself towards others;
  • Make clear requests;
  • Listen to yourself, your needs, your fears, your desires, your old wounds;
  • Knowing how to listen to others;
  • Dare to say things to each other, face-to-face, without filter and without fear;
  • Respect yourself and others;
  • Identify each other’s wounds, with great kindness and warmth.