Sunday menu, an unprecedented triumph of fish in our own way

Summer more than other seasons is fish time, but we can choose for this Sunday menu to cook it differently

Lots of fish, cooked in a different way than usual, and lots of flavor for our Sunday menu. A salad of rice, stockfish with potatoes, stuffed Piedmontese peaches. All recipes to try.

Sunday menu


Sea-flavored rice salad

To open our Sunday lunch a nice one rice salad, but full of fish. The expense is relative, even if it is always better to focus on fresh than on frozen food. However, the yield is exceptional, for a first course that we can easily use for eating away from home.
We need rice suitable for salads, but of excellent quality and then octopus or baby octopus, cuttlefish or cuttlefish, other molluscs such as mussels and clams (but also clams and cockles), shrimp and then cherry tomatoes plus all the dressing.

We can decide whether to cook the first rice, to let it cool down calmly, or all the rest of the ingredients and it changes little to the final result. What must absolutely be taken care of is the sequence for the preparation of all the fish starting with the cooking of the octopus, the cleaning and opening of mussels and clams, from the cuttlefish passed in the pan, up to the prawns.
When everything is ready, the last step is also the most beautiful because it will be about assembling the sea-flavored rice salad and dressing it by adding the cherry tomatoes cut in quarters. We mix and bring to the table.

Sea-flavored rice salad, makes you want to eat it right away

Ghiotta stockfish

A popular second dish for a fish which in Italy we use less because they focus a lot on cod and not on this version. Yet the end result is so good that we will regret never having prepared it before.
Let’s prepare stockfish, potatoes, capers, black olives, onion, celery, tomato sauce and excellent extra virgin olive oil of olive and then cook with patience. Because the stockfish needs to be soaked well before cooking, but we must also take care of it in detail by removing all the bones with care.
We brown the potatoes, then we do the same with the fish and then we put everything together for a long enough cooking, as if it were a meat stew. Without haste, let it all go together over low heat, it will help to flavor well.

Northern fish, southern recipe: such a special recipe

Stuffed peaches with macaroons

The dessert is another typical recipe and an original way to end the lunch well. In the filling of the peaches their pulp will end up but also amaretti, bitter cocoa, skinned almonds, cane sugar, sweet liqueur wine.
After having emptied the peaches, we prepare the filling by mixing and blending the rest of the ingredients. Then we take the wrapper back and fill it before putting it in the oven. The scent that will spread in the kitchen will tell us that we are not wrong and the flavor will envelop us.

Stuffed peaches with amaretti, the spoon dessert that changes summer

Enjoy your meal