The 10-2-20 method promises to make you lose 5 pounds in just two months. Should we believe it?

The 10-2-20 method promises to make you lose 5 pounds in just two months.  Should we believe it?

Could walking for 20 minutes every day be the miracle recipe for losing weight? Fitness fans are in any case praising this method for losing weight on the social network TikTok.

As summer approaches, many people want to prepare their “summer body. What if the 10-2-20 method was the solution? Fitness enthusiasts are convinced of it and extol its merits on TikTok. Manual.

The 10-2-20 training method to lose weight before summer

To practice this method, it is necessary to have access to a treadmill, at home or in a gym. Once installed on the machine, it must be set to a speed of 3.2 kilometers per hour (2 miles), with an incline of 10%. And here we go for 20 minutes of exercise, to be repeated four times a week.

According to Nicole Rauch Winter, physical trainer interviewed by the Daily Mail, combine this method with the fact of “Lifting a few weights and eating healthy foods can help you lose four to five pounds of fat in six to eight weeks“. Indeed, if the exercise does not seem that intense, you actually need to be in good physical shape to maintain it over time.

Strengthen your lower body and do cardio training

By opting for this type of brisk walk, it allows your body to train in terms of cardio, but also to develop your muscular endurance.

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Regular walking helps maintain your body, reducing your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes or high blood pressure. By adding a few dietary changes, you can also lose a few pounds quite quickly.

Watch your joints!

While this type of exercise is easy to set up and follow, it can be dangerous for the joints or back, particularly due to the inclination of the treadmill. According to Jenny Francis-Townson, fitness trainer also consulted by the Daily Mail, “If you are not used to repetitive walking or running, you may also experience pain in your knees, ankles, or calves due to their overuse and the repetitive nature of this form of exercise”.

She therefore recommends limiting this exercise to only twice a week, alternating with walking outdoors, for example.

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