The cold would disrupt your sleep, here’s how to fix it

The cold would disrupt your sleep, here's how to fix it

Winter will officially be here in a few weeks, and the freezing temperatures are a good reminder. The cold can also be felt inside our homes and disrupt our sleep. How to cure it ?

To sleep well, it is necessary to be protected from the cold. How can you avoid letting it disrupt your nights? Here are some simple and easy tips to implement.

The cold won’t let you fall asleep

We’ve all experienced it: it’s difficult to fall asleep when you slip into frozen sheets. The body needs to warm up, especially the extremities (hands and feet), and this takes time. Only once the right temperature is reached can you fall asleep.

To avoid this “Scottish shower”, our body must be at the right temperature quickly. This involves a hot shower before going to bed, but also wearing long, warm pajamas, or even socks for those who can sleep in them. Don’t neglect the duvet either, which should be warm and soft. For those who are more cautious, it is possible to invest in a heated model.

The cold plays on the heart

When temperatures are colder, the heart works harder to maintain that of our body. This therefore leads to a higher heart rate and blood pressure, especially at night. Although it is not possible to reduce them, we can, however, influence the heat phenomenon by wearing thermal clothing that will keep you warm.

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Cold causes movements in sleep

At night, the slightest disturbance can ruin our sleep. Drafts are one of them. While feeling a light summer breeze during a nap can be nice, in winter this experience increases the risk of having a bad night’s sleep.

For people who risk being exposed to a draft at night, consider isolating the source: doors, windows or fan heating or even reversible air conditioner. In order to spend the most peaceful night possible.