What happens to your body when you eat too fast

What happens to your body when you eat too fast

Are you used to eating your meals on the go, without really taking the time to eat? This is a mistake, because if what we eat is important for our health, the way we eat also matters… Here are the symptoms you experience when you eat too quickly, and some tips to avoid them, according to Alexandra Murcier, dietitian nutritionist.

Taking the time to eat is essential, because eating too quickly has harmful consequences on your health. Here’s how to fix it, with Alexandra Murcier, dietician-nutritionist.

Eating slowly brings benefits

“Satiety arrives in 20 to 25 minutes, after the start of the meal” reminds our expert. So if we don’t reach this amount of time for a meal, we don’t have time to feel it. Result: we eat more than necessary, which causes weight gain. “There is a real benefit to eating slowly, because this simple habit already allows some people to lose weight by reducing the caloric intake at each meal. confirms the specialist.

Eating in front of a screen: a habit to ban

Alexandra Murcier would like to take stock of a bad habit that needs to be banned: eating in front of a screen. “Attention in this case is focused on the screen, so we eat more quickly without paying attention to what we swallow, so it is more difficult to stop when we are no longer hungry.” warns the dietitian.

Opt for better digestive comfort

Eating too quickly causes bloating and discomfort in the digestive system, hence the importance of slowing down. “Eating more slowly allows the enzymes in our saliva to do their job. When you chew properly and eat slowly, they have time to adhere to the food and begin work. We therefore have improved digestion, less stomach pain, better absorption of food because the digestive tract will have less work to do. confirms the expert.

No “slump” after the meal

Chewing well therefore facilitates the work of our digestive system because the food is crushed better, we “swell” less and digestion is facilitated, it requires less energy from our body and we feel less “the bar” after-eat.

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Rediscover the pleasure of food

“Eating slowly, consciously, concentrating on what you are doing allows the brain to have the normal pleasure of eating, which allows you to have food satisfaction and avoid having a compulsive relationship with -with regard to food” reminds our expert.

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