The Comfort Zone brand has released New Year’s sets “Secrets of Beauty”

The Comfort Zone brand has released New Year's sets “Secrets of Beauty”

The holiday collection “Secrets of Beauty” by the Italian brand Comfort Zone is inspired by Tarot cards, in which the desire to unravel the laws of the universe is hidden. When working on the collection, the brand relied on concepts such as “restoration”, “sustainability”, “knowledge” and “healing”. Unusual boxes attract the eye with mysterious designs created specifically for the brand.

Inside seven sets are Comfort Zone hits:

  • Sublime Skin “The Secret of Rejuvenation” includes care products that fight the signs of aging at the cellular level. The packaging design symbolizes “knowledge”, which brings the brand closer to scientific discoveries and innovations.
  • /skin regimen/ “The Secret of Energy” has collected anti-aging products that help remove the effects on the skin caused by stress, lifestyle and environmental pollution. The box design celebrates the energy of nature.
  • “The elasticity of Hydramemory. The secret of adaptive hydration and radiance of the skin” – moisturizers to add radiance. The designers used the prickly pear, a plant that survives in the desert, as a symbol of resilience. It also became the main ingredient of the formula.
  • “Soul of Tranquility. The secret of harmony” – body care products. The packaging is decorated with a butterfly, a symbol of the soul, which in ancient times was associated with breathing, connecting body and soul.
  • «Soul Tranquility. Aromatherapy Secret» – products for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. The emphasis is on the iconic Tranquility scent. The design uses the image of a butterfly.
  • “Night & Day” The secret of beauty” – bestsellers for day and night facial care that moisturize and restore the skin’s protective barrier. The design symbolizes the harmony of two opposing energies united in the infinity symbol.
  • “Care. The secret of tenderness” – products for sensitive skin. The main emphasis in the design is water as a source of life and a symbol of self-care.

The Italian brand is known for its vegan formulas, which are enhanced by bioactive ingredients grown on organic farms. The brand uses packaging made from 100% recycled paper. In addition, Comfort Zone works to minimize CO2 emissions during production and is engaged in reforestation.