The “Couch friend”, this friend who wishes us well

The “Couch friend”, this friend who wishes us well

Do you have a “couch friend”, a friend with whom you can simply do nothing? Having this type of person around you would be important and could do you a lot of good according to experts.

Sharing activities with your friends is something pleasant. However, going out to the cinema, going bowling or going to a restaurant can sometimes take a lot of energy… Fortunately, the “couch friend” is here to have a good time with you, without doing much!

The couch friend: a friend without “hassle”

“A couch friend is a friend with whom you don’t need social battery. You can spend hours together doing nothing, or almost nothing and still have a good time”explains Charlotte Negron, one of the first TikTok users to raise the subject on the platform.

In summary, this is a person to whom you visit often (and/or vice versa) and with whom you can spend hours doing what you could do alone, but in their company. For example: watching a film without talking specifically, reading in your corner or even tidying up your cupboard. This relationship can therefore be compared to a shared accommodation which lasts as long as your friend is with you.

Good in his body, good in his head!

The importance of this type of relationship

Although this type of relationship may seem of little use to some, or even strange, it actually has many benefits. According to experts, it would even be important to have this type of friend with whom you don’t need to plan everything.

First of all, it is a calming moment, particularly appreciated if your daily life is rather busy and stressful. With your “couch friend“you are free to be 100% yourself and to discuss calmly both trivial and more profound subjects, without worrying. Beyond that, this is a person in whom you have complete confidence and who you feel particularly good with. Charlotte Negron further explains on TikTok: “this kind of relationship is simple and natural. It can be the best way to recharge your batteries”.

Conversely, a friend you like to party with is not necessarily the one you will take the time to confide in. Each relationship is different but all have their importance. The main thing is to know which ones do you good and are beneficial to you.

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