The must haves of spring? Here are 5 essential but cheap items

The must haves of spring?  Here are 5 essential but cheap items

How to be trendy without spending too much? Here are 5 essential but affordable items of this season.

Spring is now past its first half, but we still need to show off the looks that’s in vogue this season.

economic essentials

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The garments that trends – indeed, we could say stylists – from all over the world offer are really many and also very different from each other.

An example? The spring look proposed by Alexa Chung which includes a shiny silver shorts paired with an ice-colored masculine blazer, with a basic bra from underneath, mary jane shoes and a beret from above, in full Paris Style.

But not only that, because the trends this season are many. Starting from the bright colors, which have dominated the streets and catwalks all over the globe, to arrive at the bold looks that play on contrasts (both of nuances and fabrics), passing through the Y2K trends, which have brought back fashions that we believed by now dead.

Micro jersey top, maxi bomber jacket in used effect leather, cotton sweater. It’s still platform sandals, pvc shoes – Cinderella effect – ripped denim, Texan ankle boots and so on and so forth. There are so many must-have items for spring 2022.

But fashion can also rhyme with savings, so what are the essential but cheap items of this spring? Here are 5.

5 must-have economic items for this spring

The fashion of this spring is vast and very varied, as we anticipated a little while ago, but in the sea magnum of garments that exist in the world, there are some that are cheap, but really indispensable.

So here are 5 in line with the trends of the moment, the cost of which does not exceed 30 euros.

If you want to be fashionable for less than 50 euros, here are 5 pieces for you.


When we talk about fashion – especially spring and summer – we cannot fail to mention shorts.

economic essentials

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A bit like the miniskirt, are the must have of every woman always, but when the heat comes, they are even more so.

These single-color beige shorts, which you can buy on Shein for only 13 euros, are perfect both for going out during the day, perhaps a t-shirt tucked in and a little flared, and in the evening, for example to go out to dinner, with a elegant top and heels.

Cargo pants

If we talk about fashion mixed with comfort, we cannot fail to mention the cargo pants.

economic essentials

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For those unfamiliar with them, what is it about? Of pants with a soft fit, with large side pockets which will also allow you to say goodbye for a day to your bag.

An example are these pants with bands, buckle and chain, extremely comfortable, sporty, to be worn strictly during the day with a crop top and sneakers.

The other great news is that on Shein they cost only 13 euros.


Tremble, vests are back in fashion. Whether they are masculine or feminine, they remain an extremely sexy garment.

economic essentials

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But how to wear them this spring? Also as a single garment, that is, as a crop top.

The alternative is use them in the classic way: from above to a top. In both cases you will be sensual, feminine, glamorous.

For example, this vest – which costs only 9 euros on Shein – in perfect Texan style, is much more versatile than it seems.

You can wear it during the day, with a crop top and sporty shorts – casual, but also in the evening, as a unique garment with a midi skirt (but also mini will be fine, it always depends on the occasion). You can close it with the help of elegant pins, for example, and that’s it.

Linen dress

Flax, this well-known friend. Fresh, practical, glamorous, it is a pleasure for all the fashion addicted, especially this year which is back in vogue.

Trendy linen dress

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On the most important catwalks in the world we have seen cstriped hemisier, floral maxi dress, blazer in bright colors, all strictly in linen.

May it be perfectly ironed or wrinkled it doesn’t matter, it will be trendy all the same and can accompany us until the beginning of autumn.

How to wear it? In the form of trousers, skirt, jumpsuit and so on and so forth.

So here is a linen midi dress – available on Shein for only € 24.99 – perfect for all ages and for all occasions.

You can wear it in the evening with stiletto heel shoes and a particular bag, perhaps geometric to follow the trends of the year. But also during the day, with low round heels and an XXL bag.

Dress with sequins

The watchword for this spring will always and only be one: to shine. May they be Sequins, sequins, shimmering inserts, the important thing is to have touches of light along the body.

Sequined dress spring 2022

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Of course, we must not exaggerate, because the New Year effect is just around the corner. How to do? Opting for shoes and accessories in neutral tones.

For example, what to combine with this dress in silver sequins (which by the way costs 29 euros on Shein)? A bag and sandals all black with stiletto heels.

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