The new campaign against ordinary educational violence targets inherited violence

The new campaign against ordinary educational violence targets inherited violence

On the occasion of the International Day of Educational Non-Violence this April 30, the Stop VEO association is delivering a new campaign on our screens: it takes as its theme this integrated violence, sometimes inherited from our parents, which we can also decide to stop.

Despite a kind speech and an anti-spanking law passed 5 years ago, acts of educational violence are sometimes persistent. The cause, very often, is an action inherited from one's own parents, a way of doing things, which rubs off on oneself when one's child exceeds the limits. This is today the theme of the new campaign from the Stop VEO association.

The hand that corrects from generation to generation is not inevitable

In this film, called The Legacy, designed by Publicis Conseil, the transgenerational transmission of violence is symbolized by a disproportionate hand among the characters, the hand that corrects, that slaps, that spanks, and this from father to son. …But who can stop with just one person.

“The infernal circle of this transmission is made aware by the last character who then refuses this burden. He expresses the blows, the humiliations suffered, and the weight carried by the children. This weight weighs on their adult lives, and they do not have no choice but to transmit it, themselves, to their sons. As he becomes aware of it, it is the beginning of a paradigm shift for him: he makes the choice to turn his back on his son. legacy of violence”, indicates the association on its website.

The result is a 3-minute shock spot which should not leave you indifferent;

Ordinary educational violence still too invisible

On its site, the Stop VEO association also reminds us that ordinary educational violence is these physical actions (pushing, slapping, spanking, etc.), verbal (threats, guilt, silence) or even psychological (cries, insults, mockery). ) still overused in parental education today. However, while it has no educational value, this violence causes long-term psychological after-effects in the children who are its victims, including anxiety and depression. However, this conclusion is not yet sufficiently integrated in French homes: according to OVEO (Observatory of Ordinary Educational Violence), 85% of parents admit to using spanking, 71.5% resort to “little slaps”, half of children experience physical violence before the age of 2, and three-quarters before the age of 5.