These 3 mueslis are the best according to Yuka (and you can find them in your supermarket)

These 3 mueslis are the best according to Yuka (and you can find them in your supermarket)

Notice to lovers of natural breakfasts or to those who just want to eat a little healthier, the Yuka application has delivered its ranking of the highest rated mueslis (100/100) and, good news, they are all close to at your place.

In the category of healthy breakfasts that do good, muesli has a good reputation: crunchy, filling, full of fiber, it is the healthy alternative to the traditional buttered toast. Moreover, 18% of French people now opt for cereals in a bowl of milk in the morning according to a HelloFresh study. But in this range, not all mueslis are equal. Yuka therefore tested the market references according to its criteria and presented its preferences in a ranking unveiled on March 4.

Who says muesli does not necessarily say healthy!

The first lesson from this evaluation is that the word “muesli” is not a guarantee of a healthy product. This of course depends on what is in your bowl:

“Many of us start the day with a good bowl of cereals. Mueslis and cereals are an interesting nutritional choice because they are composed of cereals, nuts, of seeds and fruit. But beware ! Some of these industrial products may be high in sugars and additives. ensures the site. So it’s about keeping your eyes open. What Yuka did, scanning all the compositions.

And the three best mueslis are?

This evaluation resulted in a ranking, in which three references are rated 100/100. And these three products can be found directly in your supermarkets:

  • Bjorg’s grape, apple, banana and coconut muesli”No additives, low sugar content, organic” indicates the site;
  • Jordans dark chocolate muesliExcellent amount of fiber and protein, low sugar content, organic”;
  • Carrefour organic fruit muesli, which also carries an “exgood amount of fiber and protein, organic”.

Other references are also very well rated (in 84 and 94/100) by the application due to the absence of additives and low sugar contents:

  • Crispy oat and almond muesli – Terres & Cereals, 94/100
  • Crispy red fruit muesli – U organic, 94/100
  • 5-nut toasted cereal muesli – Charles Vignon, 94/100
  • Dark Chocolate and Linseed Muesli – Jardin Bio, 94/100
  • Flaky dried fruit muesli – Bio Village (Repère Brand), 93/100
  • Chocolate & Almond muesli – Magasins U, 90/100
  • Crispy nut muesli – Auchan, 84/100

NO to diets, YES to WW!

Choosing good cereals, instructions:

Let us remember here that for an informed choice, looking at the composition of a cereal packet is always more important than looking at the packaging. Therefore certain details should be checked on the nutritional values ​​table:

  • Fiber: ideally 5g of fiber and more per 30g serving
  • Sugars: ideally 8g or less per 30g serving
  • Fat: ideally 4g or less per 30g serving
  • Sodium: ideally 140 mg and less per serving