What if solitude was necessary for our well-being?

What if solitude was necessary for our well-being?

Loneliness is often confused with isolation even though the two concepts are different. If isolation is suffered, solitude can be desired. It would even be necessary for our well-being. What should we think ? The answers of Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

In our current society, there are numerous social requests and everyone’s life must be full, between invitations to eat at a restaurant, to go out shopping, to see a film or cinema or even to go out for a drink. However, solitude, although it can be scary, is in reality essential to our well-being.

Loneliness is actually “a strength”

According to Siyana Micheva, solitude is a strength when it is well thought out. “It all depends on the nature of each person, there are extroverted people who need to be constantly surrounded and others who cannot stand being bothered by the presence of others. analyzes the specialist.

Even if we like to spend our time alone, we can have a healthy life. “Many of us don’t want to spend time alone and we run away from that situation. And yet, it is a moment that allows us to think about things, to dialogue with ourselves, we clarify with ourselves what we can tolerate or not. We take the time to think, to listen to each other and to give each other answers.” she adds.

Good in his body, good in his head!

Solitude strengthens self-confidence and creativity

Solitude helps us connect more deeply with ourselves, our self-confidence strengthens. Some people say it’s intuition or a sixth sense. “Some research suggests that being alone allows for changes in the brain, which fuels the creative process. People who like to spend time alone would therefore also be the most creative. ajoute encore Siyana Mincheva.

For her, “when we dedicate ourselves to better understanding who we really are, we better clarify the problems, the doubts that we have and in this way we become wiser and stronger“.