These 5 harmless sentences that prove that you are happy in your life

These 5 harmless sentences that prove that you are happy in your life

While it is common to point out the negative aspects of our lives (and to complain about them), there are, according to an American doctor and coach, several affirmations which prove on the contrary that you are happy. If you recognize yourself in these 6 sentences, everything is not so bad!

Dissatisfaction, complaints, bitterness… daily life is sometimes punctuated by small and big disappointments which annoy us and impact our mental health. But not always ! Certain facts also prove that we are doing well and that we have found a certain balance. Here are 6 affirmations noted by Dr. Alphonsus Obayuwana, an American doctor and happiness coach (it exists) which are the sign of a fulfilled life.

1. “In general, I am optimistic”

If you can say this, it means that you usually choose the most favorable interpretation of events and results from the past, present and especially the future. For an optimist, the future is full of hope, while for the pessimist, it is full of unfulfilled desires. Optimism also makes you resilient. When you haven't achieved a goal after a few attempts, you try again. And if you determine that a goal is truly impossible to achieve, you change it to maintain hope.

In short, if you are optimistic, you know how to take care of your mental health. “If you're not, you can learn to become one by noticing and recognizing that good things happen and that anyone (including yourself) can make them happen.” advises the doctor.

2. “I have something to offer others”

If you believe that you are helpful to someone or something, regardless of the situation at hand, this reflects a high degree of self-esteem or strong self-confidence. This means that you are a valuable member of the community. “The best way to build this belief is to identify your true calling, the thing you love to do and do very well.”

3. “I have someone I can count on”

Knowing that you are not alone in a life full of uncertainty is calming and relieves anxiety. When you have someone to rely on, especially in an emergency, whether it's a family member, friend, neighbor, or co-worker, whatever, you satisfy your natural craving for companionship and trust. “And if this is not yet the case, you can start today to gradually expand your circle of friends, by being nice, by sending a message to someone just because you are thinking of them, by taking your neighbor by car… in short by establishing connections”.

4. “When I need answers, I usually find them”

From childhood, humans have an innate thirst for information and answers. So knowing how to get your answers without falling into panic is a sign of balance that will make you happy. “Having access to information and knowledge alleviates fear and anxiety. This ability builds self-esteem, self-confidence and gives courage.”

Good in his body, good in his head!

5. “When I think about what I have, I think I’m luckier than many.”

This is an affirmation filled with gratitude that marks you as happy. Indeed, this does not mean that you have acquired everything you hoped to have (such as financial comfort) but that you value and appreciate what you have. “Which also increases the value of things in life” evokes the doctor. So, even small achievements (having a tidy house, having made a good deal, being satisfied with an activity, etc.) and counting your blessings can lead you on the path to happiness.