These dietary mistakes that make you gain belly

These dietary mistakes that make you gain belly

For some time now, you have noticed that you have a little belly… But where does this abdominal fat come from? Discover the dietary mistakes that promote a belly with Alexandra Murcier, dietitian nutritionist.

Accumulating belly fat can have a double harm: both aesthetically and also health-wise, because waist size is a reliable indicator of an individual's overall health. It is the main indicator of metabolic syndrome. But what are the dietary mistakes that cause your waistline to increase? Alexandra Murcier, dietician-nutritionist, answers you.

Consuming too much sugar for breakfast

Eating a sugary breakfast is not recommended because consuming sugar first thing in the morning increases blood sugar levels. This leads to greater insulin production which will push our body to store energy in fat.

Some studies show that people who eat a sweet breakfast in the morning will crave more sugar during the day.” recalls Alexandra Murcier. “All of this is bad for abdominal fat but also promotes weight gain in general.“.

So no more sugary cereals, pastries or spreads: for a healthy breakfast, opt for proteins, eggs for example, accompanied by a source of healthy fats such as olive oil and fiber , which is found in wholemeal bread for example.

Not eating enough protein

Protein intake is important, because too low a protein intake reduces our muscle capital in the long term. This has the effect of reducing our basal metabolism, that is to say our natural capacity to burn calories. This will result in weight gain” reports our expert.

In addition, proteins cause satiety, so it is recommended to eat them at all meals, adds the dietitian. This doesn't necessarily mean meat, but it could be lentils, chickpeas, split peas on main meals and eggs, skyr or smoked salmon, for example, for breakfast.

Eating too quickly

Chewing slowly and taking your time during meals, and especially breakfast, is fundamental. “It is important to feel the signal of satiety, which happens 20 to 25 minutes after the meal. If we eat in less time than that, those are extra calories that we will eat afterwards and which will cause us to gain weight. explains the expert.

You can lose a little weight just by eating more slowly, assures the dietitian. Without forgetting that abdominal comfort begins with chewing and chewing well allows the enzymes in the saliva to begin the digestion of food, which prevents bloating.

Not eating enough fiber

Not consuming enough fiber causes less satiety. “The fibers trap the cholesterolwhich is important for cardiovascular health, it also slows down the glycemic response so the glycemic load of a dish will be lower which helps to gain less weight. adds the expert.

Consume high-calorie foods

These foods are what I call “high energy density foods”, which provide a lot of calories in a small volume. indicates the specialist. “These are often fatty, sugary and processed foods: they increase weight and abdominal fat, it is better to favor fruits and vegetables which have a low energy density..

Eat at night

Our body burns fewer calories at night, if we have a midnight snack this will on the one hand unbalance our energy intake but in addition sleep will also be unbalanced by the sugar intake.” explains Alexandra Murcier. “This creates a vicious circle, because we will want to eat sweeter foods afterwards… In addition, for comfort, it is important to have digestive rest time.” Eating at night is a habit to be avoided, therefore.

Beware of empty calories

Empty calories are those that do not provide nutrients and provide sugar, which unbalances blood sugar levels. “They are provided by foods such as sodas, candies, juices, lattes, alcohol: these are pleasure foods, which provide nothing. This does not mean that you should remove all the pleasure from your diet, but you must be aware that when you consume too much and too often this type of product, it increases fat and abdominal fat. she concludes.

“Flat stomach” foods

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