These 7 signs that prove that a love story is starting well

These 7 signs that prove that a love story is starting well

In the last few weeks, have you found love? If the beginnings are often idyllic, certain specific signs prove that your story is starting under the best auspices.

While some people tend to get carried away after the first drink together, others ask themselves many questions about the “future” of a recent relationship. And for good reason: depending on one’s romantic background, one’s expectations and one’s personality, we all experience the beginnings of a romantic relationship differently. Despite everything, certain signs prove that a story is on track to last…

To be happy to meet again

If this sign is almost common sense, it is essential for attachment to occur within the couple.

I would say that a love story that starts well means always being happy to find each other again, not wanting to leave each other, not being able to take your hands off each other again.“, assures Amélie Boukhobza, clinical psychologist.

Thinking about others constantly

Other proof of promising beginnings with your loved one: “thinking about him/her constantly“, explains our expert.

Love indeed creates a connection between two beings – and very often a dependence on the other, especially in the beginning.

Get along well

Another sign that does not mislead and marks the beginning of a lasting story: a “goodwill“.

This does not mean that the two lovers must be alike in every way, but rather that they agree on values, their relationship with humor, their way of approaching everyday life, etc.

Speak freely

Speaking freely is one of the fundamentals of love.

It’s about feeling comfortable and safe, supporting and encouraging each other.”specifies Amélie Boukhobza.

Laugh together

Should this be specified? Laughter is a powerful vector of affiliation. It is an honest signal of appreciation of the other. Humor would also help keep the flame alive over time.

Write to yourself all the time

Who has never spent an entire evening writing to someone else? It is a sign that shows that “the love story starts well“, admits the psychologist.

Respect and listen to each other

Finally, respecting and listening to each other is essential, as is “be interested in others and their lives“, estimates our expert, before concluding: “A promising love story also means having similar and compatible expectations, making few compromises and above all being ready to change your daily life and your habits to create a new one together..”

You now have all the keys to understanding (and succeeding?) the beginnings of your romantic relationship.