Why Guerlain’s “quantum” cream is creating a buzz on the web

Why Guerlain’s “quantum” cream is creating a buzz on the web

Have you heard of the revolutionary cream from Guerlain? According to the brand, this anti-aging cream is based on quantum mechanisms. A term that does not please scientists! Find out why.

With the development of its new cream, Guerlain claims to have discovered “a new way of cosmetic rejuvenation for the skin“. What is revolutionary? The brand would use quantum physics to limit cellular aging. A “scientific validation” that the scientists who collaborated with the brand for this cream seem to regret. Discover the brand’s reaction to this controversy.

A speech with little meaning according to scientists

A quantum cream that would rejuvenate the skin? This is what the Guerlain brand claims to have developed. Indeed, after 20 years of research, the multinational firm found a species of orchid capable of using several photosynthesis mechanisms to transform the sun’s rays into energy. What is this orchid? This is the Gold Nobile which “would target the emission of quantum light from a cell on the scale of the infinitesimally small”.

The problem ? This marketing speech would be meaningless, according to scientists. Although the brand is in partnership with biophysicists from Palacky University, they do not support what the brand says about their work. According to them, the term “quantum” is misused and used as a “publicity shot” to sell the cream. Martin Kabala, the dean of the university’s science faculty, refuses this “kind of advertising” which harms the reputation of its “serious research institution”.

On the other hand, some specialists criticize that the formula of this cream is not particularly new compared to other products sold on the market. The only thing that changes is its very high price: the quantum cream costs €650.00.

Guerlain changes the name of its cream following the controversy

Faced with these criticisms, the multinational firm certified on X that “the results of the cream on the skin are demonstrated”.

However, Guerlain has also made changes to its communication, notably by removing the term “quantum” from its website. According to some Internet users, this change on the part of Guerlain proves that its arguments were false.