These life experiences that develop our resilience

These life experiences that develop our resilience

Life’s trials spare no one and some are more difficult than others. You might as well learn to make the most of it, in order to demonstrate resilience and gain strength from it. How to do ? Here are the tips from Siyana Mincheva, psychologist.

Certain life experiences allow those who experience them to develop unexpected strength and capacity for resilience. “Resilience is developing the ability to bounce back from life’s challenges.” explains psychologist Siyana Mincheva. “Every experience we experience allows us to know ourselves better. They are part of life and we must accept them, because they allow us to move forward while rebuilding ourselves.”.

Loss of a loved one

The loss of someone dear to us is undoubtedly the most difficult ordeal to experience. “It generates enormous grief and can lead to deep unhappiness. But it is important to allow yourself to experience mourning instead of repressing it. Living it means accepting our feelings, accepting the upheaval, accepting being sad while taking a step back. This is a first key to developing resilience in order to better understand what is happening to us.” explains the expert. Taking a step back will allow us to see the situation better and put it into perspective by making it more objective.

Experiencing failure

Each failure carries meaning. It allows you to learn a lesson, regardless of the field” explains the psychologist. Managing to make sense of a failure and creating the inner strength necessary to overcome it is proof of resilience. “A resilient person can successfully distance themselves from failure in order to bounce back” confirm Siyana Mincheva. “Making sense of failure also means analyzing our weak points to perform better or to react better next time.”

Conquer your fears

Fear is a feeling that prevents us from being ourselves. “The question posed here is, in my opinion, that of optimism. indicates the psychologist. “Optimism is a state of mind that allows you to overcome difficulties with more lightness. For example, after a breakup, it is common to feel sadness, pain, a fear of abandonment and we wonder about the future. Rather than focusing on these aspects, a resilient person will instead see the opportunities that present themselves to them: the opportunity to change, to refocus on themselves and their needs..

Good in his body, good in his head!

How can we best cope with these life challenges?

To best cope with the trials that life has in store for us, we can opt for different means such as surrounding ourselves with people we trust, who will be there for us.”help us take a step back and give us support” estime Siyana Mincheva. “How to remember successes in the face of previous difficulties encountered“. This point is particularly important according to the expert because “by remembering successes, the person realizes that he or she is capable of facing adversity and recovering from it”.

It is also important to develop self-compassion and kindness towards yourself. “Self-compassion promotes self-kindness and acceptance of our faults and qualities. So, when a person faces failure, this kindness is essential to move forward.” specifies the expert.

Without forgetting to anchor yourself in the present moment. “People who are aware of their emotions are more able to detach themselves from what they feel, because they understand their feelings. This makes it easier for them to find solutions to their problems.” she concludes.