This accessory that you should banish at bedtime to have beautiful skin

This accessory that you should banish at bedtime to have beautiful skin

Do you wear a blindfold to sleep well? Be careful, an expert warns about this practice and explains why. Here is his opinion.

Essential for those who need to sleep in complete darkness, the eye mask (or sleep mask) would actually be bad for your skin, especially if you often have bags. A dermatologist will tell you the reasons as well as how to replace it.

Why should you avoid sleeping masks?

The dermatologist known as @dermato_drey on Instagram recently shared a video on why you should stop wearing a sleeping mask (or night mask). Indeed, this accessory that we wear to sleep in transport or at home would not be an ally for the skin according to the expert.

Doing without this accessory would therefore be a way to preserve your skin “especially if you have swollen eyelids or bags under the eyes”, specifies the dermatologist in her video. When you sleep, the lying position already limits blood circulation to the face. Wearing a tight mask therefore further reduces “the movement of the muscles under the eyes”. She explains : “venous and lymphatic drainage is less easy”, as a result the eyelids can swell even more! Finally, the expert also specifies in her video that “swelling can get worse if you eat too much salt the night before.”

So, to limit blood circulation problems, @dermato_drey advises to completely stop using a sleeping mask!

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How to do without your night mask?

Even if you have difficulty parting with it, it is better to find an alternative! Indeed, sleeping in complete darkness allows for better quality sleep. Conversely, spending the night with the light on could disrupt your rhythm because your body would have difficulty distinguishing day and night.

The dermatologist recommends if you don’t have one yet, “to install opaque curtains or shutters in your room”. For those who really cannot do without a mask, choose a model that will not exert pressure on the face. If it is possible that the mask moves during the night, drainage can be carried out correctly.