This ingredient found in your kitchen has many health benefits

This ingredient found in your kitchen has many health benefits

Among the foods useful for your “health”, there is one that you have in your kitchen and which has many little-known powers, according to an emergency doctor. This food is the onion!

We often use it to add flavor to our preparations, but onion is not only a condiment appreciated for its mild to spicy flavor. It’s also a great natural way to maintain health, as suggested by emergency physician Dr. Poonam Desai, who touts its benefits on TikTok.

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer…

Thus the onion is rich in quercetin, a derivative of the flavonoid family which is responsible for many powers. “Quercetin gives it powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.assure le Dr Poonam Desai.

Quercetin helps boost the immune system. It also has antihistamine properties, helping to calm an overactive histamine response in the immune system, but also has anti-cancer properties according to studies on the subject.

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Which onion to choose and how to eat it

However, the level of quercetin is not the same in all varieties of onions. To put all your assets on your side, the emergency doctor advises you to make choices: “Red onions contain more quercetin than white or yellow ones, so I chose to eat red onions“, she explains. She also recommends eating them raw: “If you cook the onions, it decreases the quercetin levels in the onions. So I chose to eat my onions raw to maximize the health benefits“.

Finally, she advises to prioritize crunching the outer layers of your red onion, which contain more quercetin than the inner layers.

If this option doesn’t really suit your taste, know that quercetin is also found in apples, berries, and even green tea. Foods that are also easy to find.

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