This mascara increases the volume of your eyelashes by 230%

This mascara increases the volume of your eyelashes by 230%

Waterproof, volumizing, lengthening… While there are many types of mascara, finding the right one is not necessarily easy. Spotted on TikTok, this mascara meets all the criteria for makeup enthusiasts, find out.

Whether you have thin eyelashes, which lack volume or length; makeup enthusiasts have found THE mascara that could change your beauty routine.

230% more volume, instantly

You read correctly, this mascara promises to increase the volume of your eyelashes by 230% thanks to its conical brush. A true star of social networks, TikTok in the lead, this makeup product allows you to display an intense look thanks to its ultra-pigmented formula. We won’t make you wait any longer, it’s the High Impact High-Fi™ Total Volume Mascara from Clinique. Its moisturizing formula which combines 3 nourishing oils: coconut oil, argan oil and moringa oil allows as a bonus to provide care to your eyelashes. Over time, they become softer, healthier and less dull. To boost the volume of your eyelashes, you can count on 3 black pigments and active ingredients such as iron oxides and pearls.

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How to apply mascara correctly?

To add volume to your eyelashes, follow these steps:

  1. Use an eyelash curler for a few seconds then release the tool;
  2. Then apply the mascara by rotating from the base of the eyelashes towards the tips, stretching them;
  3. Repeat the operation several times depending on the desired intensity;
  4. Let the mascara dry, then apply a second coat for an intense look.