Three reasons to pay attention to the children’s furniture brand Le petit buro

Three reasons to pay attention to the children's furniture brand Le petit buro

— 1 —

The Le petit buro team produces furniture. The brand’s philosophy is built around comfort, style and ecology. Designers get ideas from European exhibitions. The result is furniture with an interesting design, which may well become the main accent in a child’s room. The cost of Le petit buro products is several times lower than their European counterparts.

— 2 —

Le petit buro designers use high-quality certified materials in their work, including hypoallergenic fabrics that are approved even for the smallest children. The team takes a demanding approach to the selection of textile manufacturers. After all, when choosing fabric for a children’s room, not only appearance is important, but also the Martindale index (abrasion test for lint-free/smooth, woven and knitted furniture fabrics) and ease of care. Furniture in a children’s room must be durable to withstand pirate games and princess tea parties.

All beds are made of solid natural wood, premium plywood and are equipped with orthopedic bases for the mattress.

— 3 —

Among the hits of Le petit buro there are several models. For example, bed July is a cozy cloud that is also functional. Lovers of practical things will appreciate the design of the drawer with drawers, which are convenient for storing bedding or toys. Chloe bed is universal and suitable for both a boy’s and a girl’s room – you just need to choose the appropriate fabrics and accessories. A bright accent is the headboard, which in outline resembles the silhouettes of skyscrapers. Universal model Oliver – soft and airy. The new design of stitches in the form of large volumetric squares reflects the latest trends in furniture fashion. Mila – one of the most popular models. It will also be relevant for all ages and will suit any interior.