To boost your immunity, think about fruit juices! Advice from a nutritionist

To boost your immunity, think about fruit juices!  Advice from a nutritionist

At the start of the winter period, it is fashionable to want to boost your immune system. For this, it is possible to rely on fruit juices. Let’s take stock of the issue with Dr Laurence Plumey, nutritionist.

With the cold of winter, we all tend to look for the best way to boost our immunity. Have you thought about fruit juices? According to a recent study, they are popular with many French people.

Vitamin C to strengthen your immune system

This survey reports that the French are rather moderate consumers of fruit juice. Nearly 38% consume a glass daily. Among the favorite drinks, orange juice ranks first, with nearly eight out of ten French people citing it as “their favorite juice”, followed by apple juice for 54% of respondents. In third place is pineapple juice. Finally, nearly nine out of ten French people still recognize that fruit juices remain an excellent source of vitamin C.

Few people make their juice “homemade”

Due to current inflation, half of those surveyed recognize a moderation in their purchases of fruit juice. On the other hand, there are still few people who make their own juice: only 18.5% of French people opt for this choice. They are also “aware of the health benefits of juices” and cite “their richness in vitamins as a reason to consume them” (61%) and their “healthy side” (52%).

Moreover, eight out of ten respondents believe that orange juice is the “main source of vitamin C” and 73.5% are convinced that its consumption “strengthens their immune system”.

The point of view of Laurence Plumey, nutritionist doctor

Dr Laurence Plumey, nutritionist, reacts to this study and gives his point of view. “I am pleasantly surprised to see that the French like to consume fruit juice and that they are aware of the rich vitamin C content of orange juice, whether it is home-pressed or bottled.” she says first of all.

“It is a fact that the reasonable consumption of a 150 ml glass of orange juice provides approximately 84% of the nutritional reference value set for vitamin C in the United Kingdom and Europe. It is therefore important and this value is almost the same between homemade juice and 100% pure orange juice“. According to her, “a glass of orange juice per day therefore ensures that you have almost all your vitamin C for the day. This is important as winter approaches” she concludes.

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