Tok beauty: a candy to replace the healthy glow effect of your blush?

Tok beauty: a candy to replace the healthy glow effect of your blush?

Exit eyeshadows, lipsticks, and other blushes, candies have become in recent months the new essentials of the beauty routine of social users. A surprising and eccentric fad? Without a doubt. The fact remains that TikTok users never stop presenting makeup looks made from all kinds of treats, to the point of accumulating hundreds of thousands of views.

There are countless beauty tips that have gone viral on the Chinese social network TikTok. But if some want to be as serious as they are effective, others can make you smile, and even turn out to be completely crazy. This is the case of the 'makeup candy hack', which is not so new but has been making a comeback in recent weeks. The idea is not to gorge on sweets or to highlight the latest novelties in terms of sweets, but rather to paint yourself with sweet treats as diverse as they are varied. Did you say weird?

Just type the magic words 'makeup candy hack' into the Asian platform's search bar to discover a multitude of tutorials on the subject – although some users also have fun drawing from jars of colored candies to choose the shades of their eyeshadow (but that's another story). The concept is quite simple. Whether you opt for brightly colored candies, or chocolate treats (also colorful), all you need to do is place a little saliva on the candy in question and smear it on your face – at least the strategic places.

The sweet substitute for blush seems to be the most appreciated by social users. In this case, as we will have understood, it is preferable to opt for red or pink colored confectionery, as desired. But this new kind of tip works just as well for eye shadow, in shades ranging from black for a perfect smoky eye to the brightest shades for a summer or festive make-up, as for lipsticks. It's up to everyone to find the color that suits them best – and to combine aesthetics and indulgence.

@poopiblh Makeup Candy Hack !! 🍭🍬 #makeup #hack #candy #wtf #fyp ♬ son original – Poopi Blh

However, it should be noted that most videos on the subject, although they are real tutorials, reveal the trend with a lot of second degree. This is also the case for a publication signed @poopiblh, posted online more than two years ago (all the same) and already viewed nearly two million times. We see the young woman buying candy while mentioning the trend, then making her eye shadow and blush with said sweets. All done with a lot of humor and self-deprecation. She is far from being the only one, although some social users present this tip more seriously.

This beauty gesture, if we can call it that, is reminiscent of the recent craze among Internet users for a (real) candy-shaped blush, the 'Jelly Tint' from the Milk Makeup brand. A product as playful as it is regressive which has caused a lot of ink to flow due to the use made of it by users of social networks. Instead of using it to make up their cheeks and lips, they filmed themselves biting into the product. A practice that is dangerous to say the least if we consider that the blush in question is absolutely not edible.

If it does not seem useful, nor usual, to apply candy to your face – not to mention the sticky and unappealing aspect of such a technique, we can at least affirm that it is in no way dangerous – although it may lead to the appearance of imperfections.