Tok beauty: the ‘ponytail blowout’ for a perfect blow-dry in less than 5 minutes

Tok beauty: the 'ponytail blowout' for a perfect blow-dry in less than 5 minutes

No need to go to a hair salon to get the perfect Jennifer Aniston, Blake Lively or Jennifer Lopez blow-dry. TikTokers have developed a foolproof technique for achieving silky, voluminous blow-drying in no time, and without having to spend a fortune. Code name: the ‘ponytail blowout’, a trick which already has millions of views on the Chinese social network.

Determined to make our beauty routine easier – or to stock up on views and likes – TikTokers are doubling their inventiveness every day to develop techniques that are each more innovative and accessible than the last. It must be admitted, some are a bit eccentric, like using a strainer to perfect your curls or a fork to contour your hair, others are even dangerous, like using beer to get a tan. But most of the time, users of the Chinese social network manage to create buzz with harmless and effective methods that save time and money.

This is the case of ‘ponytail blowout’, including ‘ponytail blow-drying’, which guarantees a perfect result in 5 minutes flat. It’s difficult to trace the exact source of this new trend, but it is clear that most users repeat the tutorial from @marenanicole over and over again, even though videos mentioning the hashtag #ponytailblowout are actually older. The young woman, who managed to reach 4 million views in just over a month, reveals the basics of this technique which only requires two elastics (or scrunchies), a blowing brush (or a hair dryer and a round brush) and large rollers.

@marenanicole I love what my brain comes up with when I’m too lazy to do things 😂🤝🏼 Such a quick little blowout routine for when you don’t have the time (or arm strength) to put tons of rollers in your hair 💆🏼‍♀️✨☁️ #hairtransformation #blowoututorial #hairstyleideas #hairtutorial #blowouthack ♬ ribs – ⁹₉⁹

Time for practice. All you need to do is make two fairly high ponytails, one for the bangs or the front locks, and one for the rest of the hair. The user then separates the latter into four then wraps each of the strands around the brush to form large curls, before fixing them using the rollers. She then repeats the operation for her bangs. The idea here is to straighten the locks using the hair dryer or blowing brush before rolling them to obtain a wavy blow-dry, worthy of the eighties. After letting everything sit for a few minutes, all that remains is to unwind each strand and put your hair back in place. The result is stunning.

Fast, effective and affordable, all that was needed for a simple tip to turn into a trend on the Chinese social network. The craze for the ‘ponytail blowout’ is such that the dedicated hashtag has already exceeded two million views, and that’s without counting the videos featuring this hairstyle hack without mentioning the hashtag in question. The proof is that several users, including @abbybaffoe and @filippzorz, have alone accumulated 7.7 million and 1.4 million views, testifying to the success of this technique which allows you to obtain a blow-dry worthy of the most prestigious red carpets. Now all that remains is to try it to definitely adopt it.

@filippzorz I tried the new viral ponytail blowout hack and I’m SHOOK #dysonairwrap #tiktoktoughtme #hairtutorial ♬ som original – Vbedit.x🇧🇷