Top 7 accessories for mobile devices from VLP Company

Top 7 accessories for mobile devices from VLP Company

1. B-Energy battery – no buttons

Perhaps the most compact power bank on the market with a stated power of 30 W – it allows it to work super fast. At the same time, the ultra-compact case made of Soft Touch coating, velvety to the touch, fits comfortably in the hand thanks to its convenient shape: it does not slip out, does not have unnecessary parts and even buttons. To find out the charge level, just shake the gadget, and the LED indication will show the value as a percentage.

An important feature is support for charging MacBook Air laptops. Support for fast charging standards allows you to fill smartphones with energy in a matter of minutes: iPhone – up to 50% in 30 minutes, Android-based – up to 80% in 30-40 minutes. Overheating and short circuit protection included. And the power bank itself charges from an outlet in less than two hours.

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2. G-Charge 65 W – compact charging for everything

A common headache when traveling is remembering to charge many different devices. G-Charge closes it. The device allows you to charge three devices at the same time: a laptop, smartphone or tablet, as well as additional accessories such as headphones or watches. The “smart” Smart IC system automatically detects the type of connected device and selects the optimal charging mode. Its compact size makes it easy to take G-Charge with you – even in your purse.

The charger is made of polycarbonate and equipped with multi-level protection against overvoltage, overcharging, short circuit and overheating. Power Delivery and QuickCharge 3.0 protocols allow compatible smartphones to charge 50% in just 30 minutes – using compatible devices and cables.

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3. Dual MagSafe PowerBank – “magnet” for smartphone and Apple Watch

A minimalistic external battery in a compact and ultra-thin case can charge not only a smartphone, but also an Apple Watch. Lightweight and thin, the Dual MagSafe PowerBnak is easy to take on the go, and thanks to its support for wireless charging, it can charge devices magnetically, without the need for cables. The device is compatible with iPhones starting from the 12 series, smartphones that support wireless charging in MagSafe cases, as well as Apple Watches and devices that can be charged from a USB port.

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4. Alum Power – vertical charging for three devices

Alum Power is an innovative solution made from durable, high-quality aluminum for stationary charging. Moreover, due to its compact size, it can be folded and taken with you if necessary. Alum Power can simultaneously power up to three devices – for example, a smartphone, tablet and smart watch – without connecting multiple cables.

5. M-Charge – foldable 3-in-1 charger

Ultra-thin and compact, the foldable M-Charge features three charging platforms that can charge up to three devices at once. Each has built-in magnets for Apple gadgets and supports MagSafe technology. The charging panels of the accessory are made of tempered frosted glass, and the base to which they are attached is made of durable eco-leather. M-Charge is connected to a power source using a USB-C (Type-C) cable, which ensures fast charging without loss of power.

M-Charge can be either completely unfolded or used folded to charge only one type of mobile device. The gadget is protected from overcharging, overheating, short circuit and current overload.

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6. PowerStand – an elegant 3-in-1 charging stand

The futuristic PowerStand charger is designed to recharge your smartphone, watch and headphones. Just place the device on the charging pad and it will start charging automatically. The device supports modern fast charging protocols QC 3.0 and USB Power Delivery.

The accessory is equipped with a stand that can hold the smartphone in both vertical and horizontal positions – convenient for watching videos or reading.

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7. Nylon Cable — Kevlar cables

Wires still allow you to charge your device in the fastest way. In such cases, a cable will be useful – preferably, durable and flexible, shielded and reinforced with aramid fiber, in a tight nylon braid, thanks to which the cable does not unravel or fray, does not break or break at the bends. Sturdy VLP wire connectors are highly resistant to mechanical damage and ensure compatibility with all cases.

The set includes a strap made of genuine leather, so the cable does not get tangled and does not take up much space when stored or on the go. The cable supports the Power Delivery protocol for fast charging, and a length of up to 2 m allows you to reach even distant outlets in a cafe or airport.

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