Tricks for beautiful skin and hair after 60. You will receive only compliments

Tricks for beautiful skin and hair after 60. You will receive only compliments

The aging process is inevitable, but femininity has an indefinite age. You don’t have to force yourself to rejuvenate or cheat time to look radiant. Do you know that taking care of your beauty most often has a positive impact on your overall health and quality of life?

Tricks for beautiful skin and hair after 60. You will receive only compliments

After a certain age, skin with wrinkles removed simply looks like a mask, and the face stops telling its story. It’s little consolation when you look in the mirror and see mainly pigmentation discolorations, “parchment” skin, and in addition you have dry, gray hair that falls out excessively. You can’t turn back time and you won’t look like your granddaughter or daughter, but you can show off your mature beauty and feel better in your body.

How to take care of your beauty in retirement

We work all our lives to determine what we look like after the age of sixty and you won’t be able to achieve miracles, but sometimes you don’t need much to look better. A healthy, age-appropriate diet, some outdoor exercise and nice clothes – this will do every woman good.

Don’t let yourself be forced into any granny cuts. Today, grandmother and granddaughter can wear the same thing as long as they feel good about it. Are you afraid that you can’t age with dignity with cool pants? Don’t age with dignity, just age well and enjoy life.

A well-groomed old lady usually drowns in a sea of ​​compliments because she is still a minority. Senior women often give up, they think that vanity is not befitting them. Meanwhile, everything befits a real woman, because she is the one who creates the rules. Stick to this.

Women’s hair 60+ – color matters

Remember that at a certain age, hair color is especially important. Choose it carefully. Clearly visible paint and gray roots are not a combination that adds beauty.

Some women choose to go gray naturally. This is a cheap and convenient solution, but not necessarily the best one when your gray hair is dull, glossy, and in a dull shade.

Loss of hair shine is the result of a loss of melanocytes. The situation can be improved by moisturizing your hair with professional masks. You can also try melanin supplements, but in this case the effect is not guaranteed.

Appropriate dyes are very popular – silvery blondes applied to the entire hair, but also highlighted strands. Light hair always makes you look younger and definitely looks better with roots. Especially when you also use natural brightening rinses.

Please note, you don’t have to ruin yourself financially at the hairdresser. Paint in a shade close to natural gray looks good even with regrowth, and you can apply it yourself or ask someone you know.

Hair follicles also weaken with age. In as many as 80% of women, the hairline gradually moves away from the forehead, and the hair generally becomes thinner, weaker and the lost hair is not replaced. Remember this when choosing a hairstyle. If you are an exception and still have a full head of hair, you can show off your long, loose hair. If not, it is better to choose a cut that will optically enlarge it.

Skin after your 60th birthday – be careful

With age, the protective subcutaneous lipid layer disappears. You lose collagen fibers and epidermis replacement becomes slower and slower. Your skin loses its natural moisture, becomes thinner, susceptible to injuries, and wounds heal worse. That is why it is so important to choose cosmetics according to age. One-size-fits-all solutions often don’t work.

Care products should be safe and gentle. There are plenty of products especially for people in their sixties and older women.

However, nurses caring for the elderly often recommend the same preparations that are used for children with irritated skin. They are right. In the youngest, the regeneration process is not yet fully developed, in the oldest it is no longer efficient.

Remember that in the case of prevention and possible new skin lesions, you can choose the products yourself or consult a pharmacy. However, if you have obvious problems and lesions (even small ones) do not want to heal for 2-3 weeks, you should consult a doctor. The risk of skin cancer increases significantly with age, and many lesions resemble only an oozing sore.

More on this topic; Doesn’t it look dangerous? Cancerous lesions on the skin are very misleading – warns a dermatologist

Take a look at current makeup trends. Good makeup is almost invisible, but it illuminates the face and adds beauty. Expressive, intense colors usually look bad on mature skin. Ask your granddaughter to show you new tricks. You can also view them online. You will certainly find plenty of instructional videos to help with this.