We know Katarzyna Warnke’s beauty secret. “I highly recommend two masks”

We know Katarzyna Warnke's beauty secret.  “I highly recommend two masks”

Katarzyna Warnke is an extraordinary actress. We can admire her talent on the stage of the theater and in many film productions. The artist enjoys a beautiful figure and exceptional beauty, and as she admits, she has not used Botox and chooses other forms of care.

We know Katarzyna Warnke's beauty secret.  “I highly recommend two masks”

When we see people behind the glass TV screen, we often get the impression, bordering on certainty, that plastic surgery, or at least Botox, is behind the stars’ impeccable appearance. It turns out that not every famous person uses such methods and that natural solutions are also effective.

Katarzyna Warnke is 46 years old. The actress revealed the secret of beautiful skin

During one of the interviews for the portal “Fakt”, the actress admitted that she tries to take care not only of her figure, but also of her face. She admitted that she recently fell in love with massage and facial yoga.

– I was thinking about what to do so that my face gets the same treatment as my body, and there is a way – admits the artist.

Katarzyna Warnke emphasized that daily care is also important. She tries not to make too drastic changes to her skin because her skin doesn’t like it. The star noted that she focuses on home treatments.

– I highly recommend having two masks, one cleansing or detoxifying and the other moisturizing. It is worth doing such a mask set, i.e. thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing thoroughly, and I think that the skin will immediately have a “glow” – explains Warnke.

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Homemade face masks. Get to know two proposals

Following the advice of the Polish actress, we have prepared two simple suggestions. The homemade cleansing mask is extremely easy to prepare. All you need are three teaspoons of ground coffee and a few drops of olive oil. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and apply to a damp face. We can perform several circular movements to remove dead skin.

Olive oil will moisturize the skin, but if we want to get a better effect, it is worth reaching for plain kefir. Yes, this inconspicuous product soothes irritations, moisturizes and makes skin elastic. Additionally, it contains large amounts of vitamin A, D and E, so it is perfect for regenerating skin that is tired and irritated by cold.

Just apply kefir to your face, leave for 15 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. This type of mask can be successfully used every day to maintain a young and healthy appearance and enjoy well-moisturized skin.