What is 5-12-30, the increasingly popular method for losing weight and building muscle quickly?

What is 5-12-30, the increasingly popular method for losing weight and building muscle quickly?

For some time now, the 12-5-30 method has been flooding social networks. But what do you think of this training routine invented by American influencer Lauren Giraldo? Answer.

Good in his body, good in his head!

A 30-minute exercise accessible to everyone

It’s in 2019 that Lauren Giraldo invents the “12-5-30 method“. A sporting practice, which consists of walking on a treadmill inclined at 12%, at a pace of 5 km/h, all for 30 minutes.

And if this exercise is so popular, it’s because it allows you to lose fat quickly and easily.

This method has made my workouts much simpler“, confides the influencer, before adding that the many people who have already adopted it”had incredible results.”

But what should we think about it? On paper, the technique seems rather easy to access: the exercise is short and not very restrictive – you just have to walk. This method is therefore suitable for people who are beginners, overweight, who have had a recent injury or who suffer from joint problems.

Concerning the process itself, this training has several advantages: it not only stimulates the cardiovascular system (the slope works the heart) but also strengthens the muscles of the glutes, hamstrings and calves.

It is therefore a rather complete workout, which allows you to burn calories while increasing your heart rate.

Questioned by our colleagues at Madame Figaro, Blanche von Engelbrechten, sports coach at Fitness Park, judges that this exercise “mainly requires the posterior chain, in particular the buttocks and thighs (…) If you want to build more muscle, I recommend practicing this exercise twice a week and combining it with CrossFit, weight training or Pilates”.

To maximize energy expenditure and burn more fat, be careful not to make the task too easy: as Lauren Giraldo shows in her videos, the 12-5-30 method must be done without standing on the treadmill, in order to do not attenuate the benefits linked to slope and speed.

To maximize the effects, it is on the contrary possible to lengthen the duration of the session and/or the speed.

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