What is special about the anti-aging collection “Secrets of the Ocean” from Thalion

What is special about the anti-aging collection “Secrets of the Ocean” from Thalion

Scientists from the laboratory of the French brand Thalion have been developing the “Ocean Secrets” line for more than five years, studying the properties primarily of marine plants. Their goal was to create anti-aging products for skin elasticity and density. As we age, natural collagen production declines and elastin fibers become thinner and weaker. All this leads to the appearance of wrinkles, the skin sags, the contours and oval of the face become less clear. As a result of the research, scientists have created and patented three active marine ingredients based on macroalgae. Together with three types of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights, these components of Ocean Secrets work to restore the skin.

Product formulas include:

  • three patented active ingredients: Collagenage 72%, increasing collagen production by 72%; Cell Guard HSP, which protects and restores cells damaged by aggressive environments; Pylawhite to reduce melanogenesis by 25%;

  • three types of hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights: high, acting as a natural source of hydration; medium – to stimulate the production of keratinocytes; low – to strengthen and smooth the skin.

The anti-aging collection “Secrets of the Ocean” consists of four products.

  1. Serum fills wrinkles and evens out complexion.
  2. Cream restores facial contours, making it firmer and more defined, restores radiance to the skin and gives the face a rested appearance. The brand’s specialists advise using the cream, which has a soft, silky texture, regularly for four weeks to get maximum results – elastic, dense skin with visibly corrected wrinkles. The cream is intended for mature skin of any type.
  3. Rich cream – this regenerating version also improves the contour of the face, making it more toned. The cream is created for mature dry skin that needs more intense hydration and nutrition. The formula is supplemented with a patented Aqua Chrono long-lasting hydration complex, shea butter and beeswax.
  4. Eye cream improves the tone of the upper eyelid and makes the look more open, smoothes out wrinkles, removes dark circles and swelling under the eyes. The delicate texture creates a mattifying effect and prepares the skin for makeup. In addition to three patented components and hyaluronic acid, the composition includes a multi-corrective complex.

As part of the collection, Thalion specialists have also developed a technique for sculpting facial massage based on “Sea Pearls”. Inside each pearl is a concentrated product with a powerful formula “Secrets of the Ocean”. During the massage, the “pearls” burst, falling into wrinkles, stimulating the production of their own collagen, as if “pushing out” the skin. For its effectiveness, “Sea Pearls” received the Gold Award 2016 at the In-Сosmetics International Salon in Paris.

During the massage, the specialist also uses a nourishing Algoplast mask, the formula of which is enriched with argan oil. The mask has a tightening and smoothing effect. As a result, skin appears noticeably firmer, smoother and more radiant. You can try Ocean Secrets facial care in the Orient Express, Onegin salons and at the Beauty Breeze beauty and cosmetology center.

Photo: press service