We know THE manicure to adopt this year!

We know THE manicure to adopt this year!

In 2024, red nails are coming back into fashion. Bordeaux, carmine or scarlet, the possibilities are numerous! We share our advice with you.

Easy to wear whatever the season, the red manicure is perfect for revealing a glamorous and elegant side. This eye-catching color should be very present on the nails of beauty addicts in 2024. In January, this chic and timeless manicure was also adopted by several stars like Selena Gomez or Nathalie Portman.

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The secret to a successful red manicure

A captivating color, carmine requires precise and careful application for a perfect manicure.

Here is the technique for an impeccable manicure:

  • Apply a thin base coat to protect the nail and prevent the varnish from coloring it;
  • Choose your shade of red and apply two coats of nail polish to achieve an opaque finish;
  • Finally, add Top Coat so that your manicure lasts over time. This finishing product will also accentuate shine;
  • Touch up small defects using a correction pen or cotton swabs soaked in nail polish remover. The goal is that nothing exceeds!

Once all of these steps have been completed, your manicure is ready!

What is the ideal red for you?

The color red comes in many shades. To find the one that suits you best, you can rely on your colorimetry. So, if you have fair skin and cool undertones, it will be appropriate to opt for burgundy or cherry red. Conversely, if your skin is darker, it will be better to choose an orange-red.

Another point you can take into account: trends. Indeed, the colors vary according to the seasons. In summer, red-orange nails will be perfect to enhance your tan, in winter it’s more burgundy that will have its effect. For other seasons, opt for a classic red!

How to vary your red manicure?

Don’t want to wear a classic red manicure all year round? On occasions when you want to be more extravagant, there are variations!

First of all, you can have fun with red-tinted nail art, like a colorful French for example! On your varnish, you can add a top coat with a matte or glitter effect for more fantasy, or finish with a chrome powder.

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