What is the Passenger Locator Form and how to fill it out

What is the Passenger Locator Form and how to fill it out

For all those who want to travel there is something new: to go to some countries you need the Passenger Locator Form

News for all those who want to travel: although Green Passes have become mandatory since July 1st, allowing you to circulate throughout the European Union, there are some countries that require an additional document to travel in complete peace of mind. This is the Passenger Locator Form, also known as the PLF form.

What is the Passenger Locator Form

The Passenger Locator Form (or PLF) is a document to be able to enter some European countries, which however does not have to do with the European Green Pass that we already know.

It is a localization module in digital format that reports the data of the travelers that are eventually used to trace their contacts. The goal is obviously to keep track of the movements of tourists and contact them promptly if they were exposed to Covid, protecting their health and avoiding the spread of infection.

The PLF is for all passengers who want to enter Italy, and for all those who want to go to Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, and Cyprus, but also in the United Kingdom, which is no longer part of the European Union.

This means that even Italian tourists traveling abroad must complete the certification before being able to return to our country.

How to fill in the PLF

Filling out the Passenger Locator Form is easy: there is already an official European platform, which is currently only used by Italy and Malta.

For the PLF necessary to enter Italy, you must register on the website https://app.euplf.eu and at the end of the procedure you will receive the PLF in pdf format on your email address, together with a QR code to show on your smartphone when boarding by plane or by ship, or in the case of checks if you are traveling by car, bus or train. Each adult passenger must fill out a form, while minors can be registered together with the accompanying adult.

As for all the other countries that adopt the PLF, you can fill out the form on the national websites (here is the complete list): the procedures are the same, simply change the platform from which to download the document.

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