YOU Beauty Radiance Glow Series: Solution to Eliminate Dullness on Sensitive Facial Skin

Cara menghilangkan bisul di wajah harus dengan perawatan yang tepat

Dull facial skin can happen to anyone, including those of you who have sensitive skin.

Dull skin can be caused by various things such as lack of sleep, dehydration, dry skin, smoking and aging.

To brighten dull facial skin, washing your face alone is often not enough. You need to use brightening or skin care products to restore your face glowing and looks healthy.

Unfortunately, not all brightening products have ingredients that are friendly to your sensitive skin. Skin lightening products that are safe for normal skin are not necessarily suitable for use on sensitive skin, they can even cause irritation.

Apart from that, you also need to avoid using whitening products carelessly. The reason is because not all products currently circulating use ingredients that are safe and registered with BPOM. Some of them still use excessive active ingredients and bleach to get the effect glowing but at the expense of your skin health. The reason is that these ingredients can damage the skin layer so that the face becomes easily irritated and gets acne if used repeatedly.

Products that use excessive bleach usually have a thick texture and make the skin feel even more oily after use. Instead of becoming brighter, your face becomes even duller due to irritation and acne that arises from excess oil. Unsafe lightening products are usually characterized by a sore feeling on your facial skin after use.

Therefore, you need to use a skin brightener that is specially formulated for sensitive skin, such as the YOU Beauty Radiance Glow Series. Using the YOU Beauty Radiance Glow product series will help facial skin become brighter and look healthier.

Why is YOU Beauty Radiance Glow Series suitable for sensitive skin?

YOU Beauty Radiance Glow Series is a series of facial skin brightening products that are safe for sensitive skin. YOU Beauty Radiance Glow is suitable for sensitive skin because each product contains MizuGlow Tech.

MizuGlow Tech is a special formulation for sensitive skin developed by YOU Lab together with renowned cosmetic development expert researcher from Japan, Tadahiro Shimada.

Tadahiro Shimada YOUBeauty
Tadahiro Shimada

The MizuGlow Tech formula consists of 4 main ingredients that are friendly and good for the skin, namely:

  • 3X Vitamin C

    Helps brighten the skin by inhibiting the process of melanin formation, and helps protect as an antioxidant against damage caused by UV rays. Contains 3 types of Vitamin C that work together, including:

– Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate

– Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate

– 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid

  • Japanese Sakura Extract

It has a brightening effect and helps even out skin texture, and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Safe for your skin because it is made from natural ingredients

  • 99,9% High-Purity Niacinamide

The niacinamide substance has been improved and its properties are gentler. Helps even out skin tone, overcomes hyperpigmentation, minimizes the appearance of pores, and inhibits the transfer of melanosomes which can make skin dull.

  • Lactobionic Acid, Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA)

A substance whose function is to exfoliate sensitive and dehydrated skin. This substance also makes the skin free from pulling sensation after use.

Brighten your face with YOU Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum

If you want to banish your dull face with a safe brightener, YOU Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum is the right choice.

YOU Radiance Glow Illuminating Serum is a whitening serum equipped with technology MizuTech so it is effective and safe in brightening and maintaining the health of your facial skin.