10 lies that told you about the pregnancy

A gift to the new mother? Don't be trivial, choose these ...

You are pregnant and all the women close to you who have already had children want to have their say: but sometimes you don't have to take what they say to you

When a woman discovers that she is pregnant, in addition to happiness, she is overwhelmed with lots of information about the adventure she is about to experience. Friends, relatives, but also people who barely know each other, start giving advice (often not requested) and have their say about pregnancy, even based on personal experiences. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to be able to distinguish well those that are truths (even if they are never absolute, given that everything depends on personal experience) and lies, or the clichés or information that derive only from some bad experience of the individual.

1. You will never sleep again

Everything depends on the newborn and how often he wakes up at night. Nevertheless, the mother will be able to sleep, even if not as much as she wants. In time, however, they all get used to this situation and learn to better manage their hours of sleep.

2. You can rest when the baby sleeps

After a busy night all the mothers dream of being able to sleep and rest a little while the baby is in the crib and sleeping. In reality, however, the truth is another and there will be little time to sleep during the day, as there will be other tasks to do, such as washing dishes, ironing, setting up a house, cooking or shopping. For this reason, if you can afford it, we advise you to find a paying person who will help you with housework. Ask for help also from mum, mother-in-law and sisters, who can for example prepare food for freezing and keep ready in the freezer.

3. You will need tot things

When one becomes pregnant there is always someone ready to dispense advice and to affirm that one cannot do without something. In reality, every mother has her own experience of pregnancy. There are those who have an indispensable need for a rocking chair and those who do not live without the milk warmer, those who have an extreme need for a breast pump and those who need music to put the child to sleep.

4. The birth will be terrible

We will be lies to tell you that childbirth is a walk. But remember one thing: if your friend, your sister or your colleague has had a difficult birth, it does not have to happen to you. Some women have a very long labor, others manage to give birth without points, others still have a bad experience with cesarean, others bless it … in short, everything is subjective. Remember then that the euphoria and the joy for the birth of the child will attenuate the memory of the pains. The thought may re-emerge again if you experience a second pregnancy. The good news is that the labor of the second pregnancy is generally shorter: your body already knows what is happening and therefore what it needs to do.

5. You have to eat for two

One of the clichés of pregnancy is that a pregnant woman should eat for two. In fact, during this time the mother should follow a balanced diet, without exaggerating or getting too fat. Unless pregnancy is at risk, you must continue to do sport and physical activity appropriate to your condition.

6. After giving birth to the pounds they will leave

In reality it all depends on the mother, on how many kilos she put on during her pregnancy, but above all on how she will face the post-natal period. If you don't move and eat healthily, the pounds will remain. The reality could also occur the opposite case, or that due to a physical exhaustion linked to fatigue and stress, you could be thinner than before. Even too much. In short, if you are wondering if you will fit into your old clothes, the answer is: it will depend on you.

7. After the first trimester, the nausea will disappear

Here too the situation varies from case to case. There are those who suffer from mild nausea only in the first trimester and those who are very ill throughout their pregnancy. If so, console yourself: recent studies claim that children who suffer from nausea are born more intelligent children.

8. Breastfeeding is a natural thing

Very true, and mother's milk is the best food for the baby. But sometimes, especially at the beginning, breastfeeding can be painful and difficult. For this reason we advise you not to be discouraged by the first difficulties and to rely on the network of consultors present throughout Italy: ask for the support of a breastfeeding expert.

9. You can no longer live your life

Yes, in part it is true. You will live a different life but this will not mean that you will not leave the house anymore. Just organize yourself: with a bag containing the indispensable (diapers, wet wipes, change cloth, dresses and bodysuits, pacifier, toys and baby bottles plus artificial milk if you don't breastfeed it) you will be ready to go out with your baby. Who said you can't travel anymore? After the first month there are no contraindications in taking the plane and traveling with a baby can be easier than going with a 2 year old! If there are aunts or grandparents to leave it for a night or two, you can give yourself a romantic weekend from time to time. And don't forget that children grow up, even too quickly.

10. You will become depressed, at least at the beginning

Everything here also depends on the people and how they deal with the pregnancy. Know that it is quite common to experience a sort of postpartum sadness (baby blues). It occurs a few days after the baby is born, and is characterized by anxiety, sadness, crying. This is a temporary problem that affects many mothers. Post-natal depression, on the other hand, is a serious disorder that must be treated, which usually occurs between the third month and the first year of the child. The important thing is that you know that if it should happen to you, you can and indeed you will have to ask for help.

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