4 ideas to create a relaxation corner with a 2-seater sofa bed

The home is a place of serenity, in which to take refuge after long tiring days, between work and stressful commitments. To feel good it is important to treat yourself to a few moments of tranquility, perhaps to spend in a corner created specifically for relaxation. What to put inside? But of course a very comfortable 2-seater sofa bed! There are different models, with ergonomic or memory foam mattress, with a minimal or classic style design. It depends on your needs and aesthetic taste.

Read on to create the perfect setting for rest and recreation.

1) Choose the ideal furnishings

Before starting it is important to analyze the space available and think about the indispensable furnishings. A 2-seater sofa bed is an excellent choice because it can make your relaxation area both a sitting area to use during the day, and a comfortable sleeping area to host your friends or relatives visiting. You can’t miss the shelves where you can place your books, some maps and other objects that represent you.

A coffee table or shelf can be useful to place your glasses, smartphone or a steaming cup of herbal tea on winter afternoons. Depending on the space available, you can add a bookcase or other important piece of furniture. In any case, it is essential to measure the room adequately and also consider the size that the 2-seater sofa bed will assume when it is opened.

2) Think about lighting

To create a relaxing atmosphere, it is essential to think about the lights. Through the right lighting, you will be able to create a truly comfortable relaxation corner. A tip is to use the light points arranged in different spaces. If there is a coffee table, you can place a table lamp on it to illuminate the reading area. A light coming from the ceiling, on the other hand, is able to illuminate the entire area homogeneously.

If you prefer softer lighting, you can opt for appliques or decorative lights, capable of softening the environment.

3) What colors relax you?

Did you know that each color has an effect on people’s emotions. A relaxation area has the role of calming and perhaps even reconciling sleep. A corner all to yourself where you can rest and dedicate yourself to your hobbies. Neutral shades are very restful. White, beige and dove gray make the space elegant and sober.

If you like colors, you can go for a nice blue, which is the quintessential relaxing color. You can paint the walls thinking about its shades, perhaps a desaturated blue or a blue or a dusty blue.

4) The right scents

To relax it is important to involve all the senses. You can add home fragrances or handmade scented candles to your relaxation corner. You can find them in craft shops or in some organic food store. We advise against buying industrial items because the perfume is more chemical and less pleasant.

There are many relaxing fragrances: lavender, vanilla, chamomile, sandalwood, rose and other sweet and comfortable blends, perhaps suitable for one season rather than another.

These are some easy ideas to apply to create a restful and intimate area inside your home. I recommend that you choose quality furnishings for maximum comfort. At Divanoso you will find many sofa bed models that can be right for you. You can also pay them in 3 convenient installments and shipping is free.

Everything is ready, now you can abandon yourself on your 2-seater sofa bed and enjoy your moments of relaxation.