5 ways to use a [email protected] toy during your moments of intimacy

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Do you want to make [email protected] [email protected] more daring? try to do it with the help of a [email protected] toy. Here’s how to use it together with your partner.

Making sure that the couple has fulfilling sexuality is very important. In this regard, many experts advise not to be too routine but to vary, play and dare under the sheets so that you never get the impression that any [email protected] [email protected] is identical to the previous ones. Have the courage to give voice to your fantasies and to use some third wheel to spice things up.

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Among the ways to put pepper under the sheets is to use a [email protected] box and among the things that the box should contain is the [email protected] toy. Here are some tips on how to use this [email protected] accessory during moments of intimacy.

[email protected] toys, here’s how to use them together with your partner

The [email protected] toy has long been used to satisfy individual pleasure. Its uses have evolved over the years to extend to the game of couples. Here are 5 ways to use them together with your partner:

sex toy couple

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To ignite the desire

Try using [email protected] aids to ignite your partner’s desire. A black lace mask, handcuffs or riding crop, many accessories are perfect for role-playing and bringing your partner to a boil.

During foreplay

For original and sensual foreplay you can use the erotic board games that help shed light on both of us’ [email protected] fantasies and encourage us to put them into practice to create a very sexy atmosphere.

During [email protected] [email protected]

The [email protected] toy can also be used during the act itself. Have you ever heard of a cock ring? It is a phallic ring for the male member and in addition to promoting male erection it increases female sensations. Find out more about this fabulous accessory: A penis ring, find out why many men wear them. To foster the relationship you can also resort to flavored lubricants or use inflatable dolls to simulate a three-way relationship.

For female pleasure

There are many [email protected] toys designed for female pleasure. The vibrator is the best known accessory. There are several variations of vibrators with very unusual pretenses such as the clitoral sucker or the one that uses air stimulation.

For male pleasure

Various [email protected] toys have been specifically created to enhance men’s pleasure. In addition topenis ring of which we talked about above, there are vibrators for men which, in addition to making the member more turgid, help to give new sensations. While he takes care of pleasing her, the vibrator can prepare him for an unforgettable performance.

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