7 Strategies to Soothe Your Anxiety

7 Strategies to Soothe Your Anxiety

7 Strategies to Soothe Your Anxiety

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“Anyone can be affected by anxiety”

Anxiety is a disorder that affects more and more French people, especially very young people. If this feeling of worry and tension has become widespread since the Covid-19 crisis; it remains underdiagnosed and can become cumbersome on a daily basis. Here are 7 calming strategies proposed by Christian Richomme, psychoanalyst and therapist in Paris.

“Anyone can be affected by anxiety” warns our expert, Christian Richomme, psychoanalyst and therapist in Paris, specialist in anxiety disorders, depression, addictions and affective disorders. “Anxiety is a symptom, not a disease. It is an unpleasant emotion that combines physical symptoms and anxious thoughts” recalls the psychoanalyst.

There is not an anxiety disorder but anxiety disorders

Nocturnal anxiety, generalized anxiety, phobia… Many manifestations of anxiety can be felt. Remember that anxiety is a defense mechanism linked to the danger detection system. In anxious people, this system is too sensitive and this amplifies the emotions. Some methods allow you to better manage your anxiety on a daily basis. This is particularly the case of sport, meditation or sophrology. In some cases, the anxiety may lead the patient to undergo psychoanalysis or to try behavioral and cognitive therapies (called CBT). You should not hesitate to talk about your anxiety to your general practitioner first, who can then advise you on the procedure to follow according to your needs.

“In my opinion, two tracks are essential to dig in an anxious patient. Find the cause and identify what happens when he is anxious in order to be able to put in place calming strategies together and find a certain serenity on a daily basis” specifies Christian Richomme. Here are 7 strategies proposed by our expert to regain your calm.

Slideshow summary

  • “Anyone can be affected by anxiety”

  • Find the cause of anxiety

  • Accept being anxious

  • Advance step by step

  • Take back control

  • Work on your abdominal breathing

  • look up to the sky

  • Drink a glass of water