A nap after lunch is good: how long does it take to rest?

A nap after lunch is good: how long does it take to rest?

The afternoon nap is a habit that affects many people, but how long does it take to sleep to recover energy? Here are some tips

Nap after lunch can bring many health benefits. Most of the Italian people love to take a nap especially after a hearty lunch. Feeling "weighed down" in fact promotes increased sleep and taking a short nap becomes a real temptation in order to recover energy. How long does it take to sleep to get back in shape? This is an aspect that is often underestimated. There are those who like to take a short break and those who prefer to take a long sleep.

The nap after lunch has sparked numerous debates related to its real benefits and regenerative effects. Many scholars say that the afternoon nap is useful for one's psychophysical state, while others advise against it, since it could cause disturbances to night sleep. Experts explain that to get enough sleep during the afternoon and regenerate, just take a break of about 30 minutes. This short rest in fact allows you to relieve stress without going to affect absolutely the rhythm of your sleep.

For this reason, it is preferable to avoid lying down for longer than 30, 40 minutes, since in this case negative effects on nighttime sleep could be favored. Therefore, a short respite during the afternoon is a real cure-all for health, useful for recharging and promoting relaxation after a hearty meal. In addition, this activity promotes mental learning and concentration skills, proving to be the ideal solution especially for those who have to return to work. Feeling more awake and active allows you to face your afternoon commitments with greater clarity and at the same time feel more serene.

A nap after lunch is good if you always stay within the right limits. If the nap exceeds 30 minutes, not only could it cause insomnia, but it could also cause migraines and annoying dizziness. Sleeping is one of the pleasures of life, but be careful not to fall into temptation. Reducing your nap time from 30 to 20 minutes will also benefit the heart and arteries, greatly reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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