A place in the sun, the real reason for Nina Soldano's farewell has been revealed

Nina Soldano Marina di Un posto al sole

According to some rumors Nina Soldano, interpreter of Marina, would have left "Un posto al sole" for a reason

Marina di Un posto al sole: Nina Soldano leaves the soap

Why did Nina Soldano leave Un posto al sole? The actress who plays Marina abandoned the soap after several years, leaving the audience in despair that has always followed the events that revolve around Palazzo Palladini. In one of the last episodes of the show we saw Marina leave Naples, determined to start a new life.

In the special New Year's episode, Marina's boyfriend, Fabrizio Rosato (Giorgio Borghetti) was hospitalized and the woman immediately appeared desperate, so much so that she chose to leave the city to take care of him. It is not yet clear what will happen to the character, in the soap A place in the sun for many years, certainly his goodbye has sparked comments from fans, desperate for this twist. “A place in the sun without supporting columns is not the same thing, and Marina is one of them!” Someone wrote. And again: “But Marina is back, right? If 2021 already starts like this, it's not good at all! A pillar of UPAS that goes away like this, without even preparing ourselves for the idea no eh "; “It was devastating, the most touching scene of my 24 years of a place in the sun. Come back".

The story was also commented by Nina Soldano who lent her face to Marina Giordano, making her a cult character in Un posto al sole. "The departure of Marina was not my choice – he commented -. If Marina will come back and when I still don't know this, the only certainty is her departure. Thanks for the esteem, affection and a lot of love, they do nothing but fill my heart with joy. I love you".

Many have wondered what are the reasons for this unexpected farewell. According to reports from FanPage, the abandonment of the soap would have come due to the actress's expiring contract. Nina Soldano and Fremantle, a company that produces Un posto al sole, would not have reached an economic agreement. Failure to sign the contract would therefore have led to the choice to tell the story of Marina's departure from Naples in the latest episodes. For now, the rumor has not been confirmed, in the meantime fans are hoping for a return of the actress in the cast and new developments in the plot that involve her.

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