A step from heaven 6, previews of the sixth episode 6 May: Manuela's mistake

In the sixth episode of "Un passo dal cielo 6": Manuela makes a mistake while Francesco approaches Daphne

A step from heaven 6 is back with a sixth episode full of twists, secrets and obviously loves. In the new appointment with fiction, broadcast on May 6, Manuela makes a mistake at work, while Francesco finds himself discovering a new reality. In the episode entitled Il Confine, Francesco (Daniele Liotti) and Vincenzo (Enrico Ianniello) find themselves investigating the murder of a mysterious man, the father of Federica, a beautiful and blind girl. The investigations will lead them to discover the rivalries and secret loves that lurk in a border country.

Meanwhile, Manuela, played by Giusy Buscemi, will see Antonio return to her life, the man she was supposed to marry at the beginning of the season. The ex will ask Manuela for a second chance and she will agree to go out with him, angering her brother. However, Antonio's presence will jeopardize the work and concentration of the woman who, due to an oversight, will make a criminal flee.

And if Vincenzo tries in every way to gain the trust of his daughter Carolina (Serena Iansiti), Isabella (Jenny De Nucci) will have to deal with her indecision, divided between Enrico (Luca Chikovani) and Giorgio (Filippo De Carli). Francis too, between one investigation and another, will find himself managing the problems of love. The truth about Emma's (Pilar Fogliati) death now seems close and the protagonist of Un passo dal cielo 6 will see his bond with Daphne (Aurora Ruffino) change.

Record listening and increasingly compelling stories have made Un passo dal cielo a real cult. At the center of the episodes the adventures of Francesco Neri, a character who loves nature and who is a modern prince charming, able to save those he loves from dangers and overcome many obstacles. “Working in the midst of all that nature is wonderful – Daniele Liotti told Vanity Fair -. I think that for spectators who dream of being able to go on vacation, being able to see it is a gift ”. The actor then commented on what happens to his character in this new season as well: "A bit like the romantic heroes of the nineteenth century, so many misadventures, mourning. At least this time we give him a vision of hope, to start over. He is about to leave, but then decides to stay, even though he always has his horse ready to go and his saddlebags done. The roots that he has put hold him, the wings he has managed to build would like to make him fly ”.

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